Fifth Grade Band Christmas Concert

Last night fifth grade had their first band concert ever. It sure was fun. But we didn't get to play very much really. Only like three one liners. I wish we had played more.  ...Alex

Last night we had our first band concert. We had to play in the gym. The instrument I play is the cornet. It is a really easy instrument, well to play. Mrs. Graham is our teacher. That's what we did for the concert. ...Sami-Kay I played the trumpet. Trumpets played Jingle Bells with the clarinets. I had fun. ...Dan
Last night was our very first band concert. It was so interesting. I played a cornet. Sam B. played a solo. That was cool. After we played our music we got a candy cane from Mr. Neph. After the whole concert we got punch and cookies. ...Kaitlin Yesterday the fifth grade band played in a concert. It was a lot of fun and I was the only baritone player there. (There are only two baritones) My favorite part of the concert had to be when I did the solo. It was a lot of fun, but I missed a note's pitch. I can't wait until the next concert! ...Sam. B.
December 14th we had a band concert. It was my first band concert ever!!! I play the T-bone. The funnest part about the concert was afterwards when we got cookies, candy canes and 7-Up. ...Logan P. At the band concert I played the flute. We played Jolly Old Saint Nick, Hot Cross Buns, and Jingle Bells. After we played we got Candy Canes. I sat next to Brittany H. We had a lot of fun. I enjoyed the cookies and punch. ...Faith
This was my first time playing an instrument at school at a concert. I play the flute in band. At the concert I wore a red shirt that had red and white snowflakes on it, a blue skirt that looked like jeens on the back, and red socks that had snow flakes on it. It was really fun. I also saw the northern lights on the way home. ...Emily At the band show when I put my trombone together it got stuck and someone had to help me. But besides that it was great fun. ...Mariah

This was my first band concert. It was awesome! Band is so much fun! ... Lauren

Yesterday was my first band concert ever playing an instrument. My favorite song was Hot Cross Buns. The cookies were pretty good. My favorite part was playing my instrument. ...John Last night was the first band concert I played in. It was pretty fun. We played Hot Cross Bun and Jolly Old St Nick. Then Jingle Bells. It was fun at the end because we got to listen to the high school play. ...Brittany H.

Band Director Mrs. Graham ->

Normally when we go to band, the clarinets get their instruments out first. (by the way I'm a clarinet) We normally learn a couple notes. Then Mrs Graham works with each different of instruments. I think it's unfair when I play once and my reed breaks. It costs $2. Other than that, band is great. ...Brittany T.







I play a trumpet. Trumpet is easy, but it is fun. I had a great time. The best part was everything! ...Mitchel

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