The walls of Mr. Bromley's room are the most colorful in the school.

It's the first day of school at Onekama. You can see from these pictures that everyone is ready for an exciting new year.

September 6, 2005

This is Mr. Burtch's class. That's the top of his head just above the computer. And Mr. Burtch tried to tell us he was a computer guy!

Mrs. Sanderson prepares for class

Our secretary, Mrs. Chandler, is always ready to help. Mrs. Exo keeps our activity calendar current

Mrs. Hagan checks each classroom and finds all are busy at work.

Mr. McKenney is our counselor. If anyone needs help, he can give it.

Ms. Woolman checks each student's work.

We have a great Art Room

Why is it that the boys are all sitting in the BACK row?

Could this be Spanish class?

Mrs. Graham has many smiling students. Must be a fun class.

Mr. Sandy is our superintendent. It's his job to see thing run smoothly.

Mrs. Kullenberg teaches math.

Andy listens carefully--but, to whom?

This is Mrs. Ramsey's class. They just got their new laptop computers and look mighty pleased!

Adrian promises to spend at least two hours a day on homework.

Yes, Mr. Story's students are eager to learn.

Thanks you, Onekama staff and students, for sharing your first day with me. It brought back memories of my nearly 50 "first days", beginning way back in 1947 when I started kindergarten.

Have a great year!


...Mrs. Eldridge

Onekama High 2005-2006