Dani's skis frame this shot of the mountains beautifully!

Ski Trip
to Copper Mountain

Dani snaps this shot as proof they were there and trained at Copper.

The team piles into a tree for a photo op for us! Great shot guys!

Coach Curt Mathieu did his best to save the kids money this year, which meant they would fly out of Grand Rapids at the wee hour of 5:45 AM on Dec. 4th. They saved some more money by flying to Dallas, Texas before jetting up to Denver, Colorado. The team rented a vehicle to get to Copper Mt. and for site seeing during down time.

Upon their arrival to Copper Mt., they were faced with 15 degrees below zero not factoring in the windchill. BRRRRR! It was almost too cold to enjoy skiing or training. To add a little drama, their Race Trainer, Jennifer Fischer, took off her boots on day 3 to show them the frostbite she had received and with bleeding toes could no longer continue as their trainer. Richard, from Australia, replaced her as their trainer and they continued on. Monika was showing more aggressive racing style, when she was stricken with the stomach flu on day two, followed by the rest of the girls with the exception of Dani who remained flu free.

    The team trained in the sub zero temps from 9am to 3 PM while out there. Coach Mathieu took them for site seeing and they went to Vail to shop.

Dani still highly recommends the training trip. She said Jessie is much improved this year and has become a totally different racer so much that she feels he is better than her now...(that's fast! Dani is an all conference medalist twice over)...Donny, a freshman is also improved from this training. Emily is looking stronger than last year. There is still time to join if you are interested, The first race will be Jan. 4th, 06.

On a lighter note, Monika with a K. Higley with one G was the recipient of the full body search that Chris Smith used to receive at the Denver airport! Glass cage and all! That's what she gets for always being his moral support all those years when it happened to him. (Maybe she is on their list because of it? *snicker*)

Put down your snowboards and grab your skis! Ski Team wants you! Thank you Sr. Dani Olson for all of the photos, text and info! *wink* to Ret. Coach Dale Miller out in New Mexico! We know you are watching! Drop us a line anytime!

Reporter Gwen Smith

Cool black and white of the entire gang that went with Coach Mathieu on the Colorado trip this year. Left to right, Emily, Jessie, Dani, Donny, Monika and Coach Assistant Kaylie Mathieu ride the Hertz bus to pick up their vehicle at the car rental.

So far the Girls team has on its roster: Dani Olson, Emily Harwell, Monika Higley, Kelli Waligorski. Boys team: Jessie Ketchum, Garret Samsal, Donny Olson, B.J Jobbins

Donny and Jessie ride the tram in the Denver Airport

Dani has a new "partner in crime" since Chris graduated...Monika...

Our group shot didn't get taken until we arrived back at the Grand Rapids airport.

I (Dani) study Anatomy to pass the time during  a delay in Denver while Curt reads a motorcylce magazine. See. We DO do our homework while on this trip!

Back in the tram in Denver headed home, they don't look too frostbitten!

Brother and Sister, Dani and Donny Olson at the Airport.

The team stopped for a photo op traveling on a back road going to Denver..just beautiful...

Monika poses on the spiral stairs that led to their loft.

The excursion we rented was just barely big enough to transport the team and all of our gear, but Curt used his tying magic to secure skis to the roof.

The kids look over a bowl that was closed due to an Avalanche.

This is the view that greets you upon arrival to Copper Mt.

Jessie shows us how deep the powder was by sinking his poles..yup! That's deep!

Dani took this awesome shot of Jessie Ketchum skiing down the side of a bowl. She said it was much steeper than the photo shows.."crazy steep!"

I hope there were guard rails while they drove along this road!

Left to right, Dani, Monika, Kaylee, Emily and Jessie look at the view across the top.

Pomalift or palmalift...(sp) black diamond or better to use it. It is spring loaded and has no seats. A small bar is all there is that swoops you to the top.

Taking a tree trai l/ short cut, Kaylie, Jessie and Dani all end up falling..I hear Coach Mathieu caught it all on tape too!

Here I am...Dani..at "not quite' the top of Copper Mt.

The team would like to have more members go next year! Dani, Monika, Emily and Kaylie shared the loft. The rugs were the only thing giving them privacy while changing clothes up there.

The hill behind the lift is the actual top of Copper Mt.

Jessie tries to catch a few winks.

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Here is a view of an avalanche chute.

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