Onekama's Robotics Team 2005-2006
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ROBOTICS UPDATE JANUARY 3, 2006: The Robotics Team still has no large sponsors for this year. The team has two mentors, unfortunately this is not enough to mentor the team for 2006. The team members were supposed to go out to local businesses over break but no one did. The Lion Club donated $200 dollars to the robotics team this year. I really appreciate them doing this, and would like to thank them a lot. The team is selling pretzels for one dollar a bag to help raise money for the 2006 season. Cases go for 18 dollars. If you are interested, please call 231 794-9548 or 231 794-9589.

The kickoff will be held in Allendale, Michigan this year on January 7th 2006.  Here is a Website for the robotics team:

The Onekama Robotics Team needs sponsorship to continue the program. This program helps students to develop the use of science and technology outside of the classroom.

LOGO LEAGUE UPDATE JANUARY 3, 2006: The Lego League did extraordinarily well at the competition, only falling a few points short of making the top eight. Logan Gutowski, Bernard Pesko, and Chris Pesko are mentors of the Onekama Lego League. These three mentors and the team attended the competition in Zeeland, Michigan on December 3rd. The Onekama team did remarkably well on the playing field. The team almost made it to the top eight finalists. The team fell fourteen points short. Ryan Pienta and Thomas Koon were the top programmers of the Mindstorm Robot. These two individuals and Bernard Pesko put in a lot of hard work after school hours.

The Lego League teaches Gracious Professionalism and many other aspects of FIRST robotics. It would be nice to get more community and parental support. (Logo League)

Call Chris Pesko if you have any questions. (231) 794-9548

Our Robotics Team has been at the County Fair all week promoting their team efforts in hopes of securing more sponsors. Kayla Pesko, Nick Towas, Travis Miller, Tyler Miller, Haley DeRosia, Chris Pesko and Logan Gutowski were there doing a super job as I walked through the merchant building. ..Gwen Smith

This is a very expensive endeavor these young engineers and scientists have undertaken and community sponsorship is gladly welcomed. They offered things like pretzels and candy among a few things for sale as a fund raiser , as well as had a very informative exhibit which included a computer presentation.

The tall item to the left of the photo is their robot.

When speaking with Chris Pesko, he commented that any donations help considerably, but they are still in need of more sponsors. Chris is headed off to college in a week or two, but is still helping to keep this group up and running. He was a major award winner in last years competition/scholarship. I asked him to write more about the group, their fair exhibition in the merchants building, etc. for our webmaster and he nodded yes. ...Gwen Smith, reporter