What is Homecoming?

Each year Elementary students march in the Homecoming parade carrying colored balloons. High School students make floats for the parade. Moms and Dads watch the parade.

After the parade there is the football game.

We support the Portager Football Team.

Mrs. Catanese passes out balloons.

Football player Moms wear their son's uniforms and ride in the parade.

Mr. Neph's First Onekama Parade

Cheerleaders cheer at the game. They help the fans to be more excited.

What's it all about?

It's an exciting day!

After they win, the players get to ring the
Victory Bell

The band leads the parade.

It was a perfect football day.

A Future Portager rides in the parade

The Athletic Boosters sell hotdogs and soda

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Photographs by Pam Lyman

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