Onekama Volleyball 2005
Coach: Lynette Keith /

Date School Result
Dec. 16 Away Frankfort Onekama Varsity Lady Portagers lost 25-23, 23-25, 15-25 to the Frankfort Panthers in their first match of the season. Coach Keith brought up Veronica Maidens and Amber Johnson to the Varsity team. Sarah Acker led the team in back row defense, attacks and assists. Mary Bradford led the team in sets and most hustle. Amber and Veronica Maidens were the best passers during the Frankfort game. Chelsea Bromley had the best serving record of the night with 14 serves. Stephanie Keith had a great night with the most kills, Aces and stuffs. Amber Johnson and Andrea Kelley were the most improved against Frankfort. Stephanie Keith was the most enthusiastic on the floor. Game Ball was won by Stephanie Keith. The team played very well for the first match of the season.

The JV team lost in three games 2-25, 25-20, and 13-15

Jan. 03 Home Mesick Onekama lost to Mesick 16-25, 13-25, 18-25. Mary Bradford and Amber Johnson were team leaders in hustle. Sarah Acker led her team with 9 points and 8 attacks on the net. Stephanie Keith led the team in blocks and 45 sets. Ginny Carlson played very well with her first night on the team. Chelsea Bromley and Sarah Acker played great defense in the back row. Two girls were awarded most enthusiastic for the match: Chelsea and Veronica. Mary Bradford had the most assists for the night. Sarah Acker had the best game and received the game ball.

The JV team lost to the Lacy Bulldogs 15-25, 24-26. Kelsey Acker and Meghan Nesburg were the star players of the match.

Jan. 06 Home Freesoil OHS vs Freesoil —forfeit
Jan. 13 Away Baldwin Jan. 13 OHS vs. Baldwin — cancelled and rescheduled Jan. 24
Jan. 20 Away Pentwater Jan. 20 Onekama Lady Portagers Varsity Volleyball Game was played in Pentwater on January 20. The girls lost in three games with the scores 9-25, 15-25, and 17-25. Mary Lynn Bradford was best server for the Portagers with 7 points. Amber Johnson and Chelsea Bromley played the best defense of the night. Stephanie Keith led the team with three blocks and 27 sets. Mary Lynn had the best hustle and the most kills with 4. Photographs
Jan 22   JV Volleyball Tourney cancelled and not rescheduled
Jan 24 Home Baldwin Jan 24 Onekama Varsity Volleyball beat the Panthers in three games: 25-12, 25-13, and 25-13. Mary Lynn Bradford was high scorer with 31 points for the night. Amber Maidens and Sarah Acker had 100% serving. Sarah was the best attacker with 12 kills. Mary was top setter with 26 sets. Ginny Carlson and Amber Johnson played great defense. Ginny and Sarah played the best offense. The team played very well together. Our conference league record is 2-1.
Jan 27 Home MCE Jan 27 The Portagers lost to MCE with scoring of 24-26, 14-25, and 20-25. Amber Johnson and Veronica Maidens played best defense for the night with team-mates Chelsea Bromley and Amber Maidens backing them. Portager offense was played well by Veronica Maidens, Amber Johnson and Chelsea. We had three players that were outstanding attackers on the net: Stephanie Keith had 15 attacks and 3 kills, Mary Lynn had 18 attacks and 4 kills, and Sarah Acker had 19 attacks and 2 kills. Stephanie Keith had six blocks. Mary Lynn with 38 sets for the night with teammate Stephanie with 34 sets. Sarah Acker had 9 assists and Amber Johnson had most serves with 8 points.
Jan 31 Home Manistee Jan.31 Onekama Varsity Volleyball went up against Manistee and lost 21-25, 25-27, and 8-25. Stephanie Keith was high scorer with 7 points and top blocker with four. Mary Lynn had next high scorer with 6 points, and most sets of the night with 31. Stephanie Keith had 15 attacks on the net and 4 kills. Chelsea Bromley and Amber Johnson with most hustle on offense and defense. Mary Lynn had 100% serving for the night. Veronica Maidens and Ginny Carlson had great passes from the back row. Sarah Acker also played tough on the net and had 5 assists along with Amber Maidens with 3 assists. Lady Portagers are at home Thursday Feb 3rd against Walkerville. Bump - Set — Spike - Win — Win — Win! Photographs
Feb. 03 Home Walkerville Feb. 3 OHS vs. Walkerville Tonight we played Walkerville at home. Lady Portagers lost in three games with the scores: 7-25, 14-25, 14-25. Walkerville played a great match tonight and they were a tough team. Amber Maidens was high scorer tonight with five points. Stephanie Keith and Sarah Acker both had nine attacks, and Stephanie with 2 kills. Sarah Acker and Amber Maidens was the teams best offense and defense players. Stephanie was top setter with 34 and Mary Lynn Bradford with 22 sets. Girls never gave up and kept on playing hard. Even though the scores might not indicate it the girls play a tough game tonight. We next come up against the tournament in MCE on Sat. Feb. 5. JV scores 8-25, 23-25.
JV Volleyball Tourney at MCE Feb. 5 Varsity Tournament at MCE- We played two games first one to 25 wins. Our first game was against Manton with the scores 9-25,20-25. Our second game we played MCE with the scored 9-25, 18-25. The third game of the day was against Marion and the scores were 13-25, 9-25. Then we went up against Crossroads with the scores being 16-25, 20-25. Then the final game was against Manton with the scores 17-25, 13-25, 22-25. So we didn’t end up scoring very well in the tournament this year.
Feb. 07 Away MCE Feb. 7 OHS vs. MCC We played at MCC tonight and won the first game 25-22, and the second game lost 11-25, then on the third game with the score being 11-25. Having to go to a fourth game with the score being 27-25, which put us into the final game of the match to lose 12-15. With the next game scheduled against Brethren. JV scores were 14-25, 11-25. Photographs from Feb 5 & 7
Feb. 10 Away Brethren Feb. 10 OHS vs. Brethren away. We played with only six girls tonight and lost 14-25, 17-25, 21-25. Veronica Maidens had 4 kills and Stephanie Keith had three kills. Veronica and Stephanie had the most attacks with 13 each. Defense was played very well tonight by Sarah Acker, Chelsea Bromley and Amber Johnson. Veronica and Sarah were the best players on Offense. Veronica Maidens had the most serves with 8 and Stephanie Keith with 5. Mary Lynn Bradford had the most sets with 33 and Stephanie had 22. We played some good games tonigh but just couldn’t pull it off. We play next at Bear Lake Feb. 17. JV. Scores 14-25, 12-25.
Feb. 14 Home MCC  
Feb. 15 Home T.C. Christian  
Feb. 17 Away Bear Lake Feb. 17 OHS vs. Bear Lake. Tonight Onekama Lady Portagers lost to the Lakers at Bear Lake in four games. The scores were 18-25, 25-14, 22-25, 23-25. Very long volleys tonight with Mary Lynn Bradford the top scorer with 21 points and lead the team in Aces. Stephanie Keith had six blocks and was top setter. Amber Johnson, Veronica, and Chelsea Bromley were great defensive players in the back row. Sarah Acker had the most assists with 12. The Portagers showed great heart tonight with only having six player, while Ginny Carlson recovers from knee surgery and Amber Maidens is ill. We will face the West Michigan D League Tournament Feb. 19 at MCE. JV scores were 7-25, 6-25.
Feb. 19 Tourney West Mich. D League Tournament. Our first game was against Walkerville and we play two games, first team to 25 wins. The first game was 6-25 and the second was 18-25. Then we played Brethren with the scored turning out to be 16-25, 14-25. Then we were paired up against Freesoil and the scores were 22-25, 25-24, 25-12, 25-8. And with winning that Match we now went up against Bear Lake with the scores 18-25, 25-20, 25-23, 12-25,7-15. By losing to Bear Lake sent us home in Sixth place in the League. We then will play T.C.C. on the 24th of Feb.
Feb. 24
T.C.C. OHS vs. T.C.C. at home and lost 25-20, 11-25, 21-25, 11-25 and that ended our season with our final game and Parents night. We now have Districts on Feb. 26 in Frankfort where we play Frankfort Panthers and if we win we go on to play the winners of Bear Lake and MCC. JV scores were 12-25, 23-25. Parents Night Photos
Feb. 26 Away WMD at

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