The community was out in full force in support of our Portgers!

Up in the announcers booth, John Lyman did the announcing, Coach Zupin ran the clock and Phil Sedelmaier took the stats.

The team as well as the fans were hopeful this next play would bring a touch down.

East Jordan calls a time out and the Portagers take advantage of it for water breaks and a quick meeting of the minds.

The boosters were out in full force working the concession stand and selling raffle tickets for the kick off of the season.

Timeouts work dual purpose. A meeting of the minds and more water!

# 19 Freshman Anthony Reedy warms up his receiving with another member behind the lineup.

East Jordan 20, OHS 0

Onekama lost to East Jordan in a well fought game 20-0 which was a non-conference game at home on the Portager Field, for the opener of their season. As usual, there is more to this story. Put on your Portager football fan wear , pull up a we go!

East Jordan kicked to us and we were unable to score. With 10:16 left in the first quarter, East Jordan scores, but we stop the extra point attempt. 6-0 East Jordan. Dustin Thomas's pass to Tom Gillespie was complete and Tom had a great run with it taking it to the 29. (1st downPortagers). Our ball carrier was brought down at the 20 yard line, (4th and long 3.) Thomas was brought down with a QB keeper, no score we turn the ball over. Cronkhite and Gillespie bring down their carrier. Kozelka, Fraley and Hilliard bring down their QB who was running with a QB keeper. With 3:09 left in the second quarter the score still stood 6-0 East Jordan. Our Portagers were holding them back pretty darn good! (not to be taken in the penalty sense). There was a flag on the next play with a block in the back against East Jordan. Another flag on the next play for holding against East Jordan. 3rd and 25 on the next play and ball out of bounds. Dustin Thomas brings their receiver down, but East Jordan gets their 4th down. With 2;22 left in the second quarter, there is a flag on the play in the backfield and it is holding against East Jordan. Immediately followed by another flag against East Jordan for Unsportsman like conduct. 25 yards of penalties for East Jordan. 4th down and long and East Jordan calls a timeout.East Jordan punts to OHS and yet another flag penalty against East Jordan. OHS accepts penalty and pushes another 5 yards. The next kick to OHS brought another flag on play , this time against the Portagers.
Gillespie received the ball, 1st and 10, portagers. Dustin's pass was incomplete to Dave Gillespie. His next pass to Fraley was complete 3rd and short with 1:25 left in the second quarter. Dustin's next pass to Reedy was incomplete. OHS fumble the ball on the next play and it is recovered by East Jordan. 1:15 left in the second quarter. With :55 left there was a timeout called for an injured East Jordan player. Fix and Hilliard stop their QB on a QB keeper, 4th and 9. End of 1st half, 6-0 East Jordan. 3rd Quarter, OHS kicks to East Jordan and the portagers keep them well around the 50 yard line. 4th and 4 Fraley drops their carrier and it's now 1st and 10 Portagers. We couldn't get a score out of that and punt to
East Jordan with 6:49 left in the 3rd. East Jordan suffered another 5 yard penalty. On our next possession, Dustin's pass was intercepted, but he got revenge by bringing down their QB on the next play! East Jordan scored a touch down with 4:16 left in the 3rd, but our Portager boys stopped the conversion attempt . Those Portagers were Cronkhite, Yonkers and Meadows! Score 12-0 East Jordan. Tom Gillespie had another good run with the kick off return, putting the ball on the portager 28. Fraley relieves Dustin Thomas and his pass was incomplete. Next play, Tom Gillespie gets a nice run, but there is a flag on the play. Equipment violation against the Portagers, 5 yard penalty. Tom Gillespie runs again, 4th and 7. With 2:17 left in the 3rd, OHS is back on defense and the punt return was brought down by Meadow. 1:55 left it is 2nd and 9 East Jordan possession. Reedy brought down their carrier, Gillespie brings him down, and the 3rd play East Jordan's pass was over thrown with:24 left in the 3rd. Brandon Hilliard and Fraley bring their carrier down. Repeat of down, 2nd and 10, clock reset at :17. Meadows brings East Jordan's carrier down, end of the 3rd. 4th quarter East Jordan's pass was incomplete. Their next pass was complete , but brought down by Cooper. 1st down East Jordan. East Jordan scores with 11:18 left in the 4th, their 2 pt. conversion was good. 20-0 East Jordan. Our ball, Dustin Thomas runs with a QB keeper and gets about mid field before being driven out of bounds. 1st down Portagers. Dustin's pass was intercepted at the 35 yard line. Delay of game East Jordan, 5 yard penalty. Reedy drives their ball carrier out of bounds at the 44 yard line. Fraley brings him down then Meadows on the next play. 3rd and 5 with 9:36 left in the 4th. Hilliard drops their carrier in the back field on the next play and timeout for injured player is called. Portagers. OHS # 7 Taylor Fraly gets up and walks off the field unassisted to the applause of Portager fans. Dustin Thomas gets a nice run out of the punt return and Dave Gillespie carries next. 2nd and 8. Pass complete to Dave Gillespie who gets a huge run out of it! The next pass to Reedy was incomplete, 2nd and 10. Thomas brought down with a QB keeper, an incomplete pass to Fraley bringing it to 4th and 11. Thomas brought down with another QB keeper just short of the down. East Jordan ball. Illegal procedure against East Jordan. East Jordan fumbles on the next play and it is recovered by Portager Michael Cole with 4:28 left in the 4th. Tom Gillespie carries for a gain of 4. Thomas brought down with a keeper 3rd and long 7. Dansby carries for a 4th and 4, we punt to East Jordan with 2:23 left. On EastJordans third play, another illegal procedure was called against them. The clock runs out leaving it 20-0 East Jordan.
...Gwen Smith, Reporter/Photographer

Our Portagers take a knee for an injured East Jordan player.

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Sr. Justin Gronostalski glances quickly back at me and smiles. Football season is here!

Coach Miller wraps some scrapped fingers on another Portager player. These boys fought hard tonight in the heat and produced some awesome tackles and plays

In the foreground, Coach (aka DR.)Miller works on #86 Sr. Dan Kilpatricks arm as the teams ready for the next play.

Summer seems to have finally arrived and just in time for Football? The Coaches made sure the team kept well hydrated in the heat. # 19 Anthony Reedy and # 84 Clayton Sietzer take a welcomed drink of water.

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