Onekama vs M.C.C .
September 11, 2004

Dave Gillepsie scored the only Portager Touch down for the day. Final Score 41-6, Sabers. The game was tied 6 all during the 1st quarter.

With 32 seconds left in the 1st half there were already 12 delay of game penalties. Seven for the Sabers and 5 for the Portagers. Maybe it was the heat that slowed the teams down getting back to plays. Goodness knows this was another hot summer like day for football! The score stood 6-27 Sabers at the half.

The Sabers kick off for the second half and with 8:49 left in the 3rd they are flagged for Unsportsman like conduct. Dustin's pass to Reedy was incomplete and his next pass was Intercepted. Reedy brings down MCC Kowalkowski. On the next play, Brandon Hilliard tackles their carrier and Vasquez recovers their fumble at MCC's 33.Tom Gillespie runs to the 20 yard line for a 1st down for the Portagers.

Dustin's pass to Reedy was incomplete, 2nd and 10. Tom Gillespie is brought down, 3rd and long 10. Dustin was dropped in the back field 4th and 16. Illegal procedure against the Portagers 4th and 21. Dustin's pass to Cameron Smith was complete, but we turn the ball over with 3:32 in the 3rd. Randall of the Portagers, recover an MCC fumble. Dustin's pass is batted back at him and he is tackled. Time out Portagers with 2:40 left in the 3rd.Dustin in brought down in the back with a Quarterback keeper, 3rd and 20. Tom Gillespie carries, 4th and about 20. Tom Gillespie carries again but falls just short of a down. Sabers take over at the 29. J.J. Randall brings their QB down at the Onekama 29 bringing an end to the 3rd quarter.

With 10:47 left in the 4th the Sabers secure another touch down and the extra point was good. 34-6 Sabers. The sabers score their last touch down with 2:16 left in the game and their kick was good leaving the game at 41-6 Sabers.

OHS had 87 rushing yards and 22 yards passing for a total of 109 yards. 1 turn over, 10 first downs. JJ Randall and Vasquez each recovered a fumble and Dustin Thomas intercepted a pass.

MCC suffered 11 penalties to OHS's 9. Dave Gillespie scored the only Portager touchdown today and had 12 carries for 20 yards. Dustin Thomas had 7 carries for 10 yards. Tom Gillespie had 14 carries for 47 yards. JJ Randall had 2 carries for 10 yards. Brett Cronkhite had 10 tackles, Taylor Fraly, Dustin and Tom Gillespie each had 8 tackles. Taylor Fraly had a sack early in the first half for a loss and another sack in the 2nd half. Dustin Thomas had 1 tackle for loss in the second half. Hilliard also had 2 sacks for loss in the second half as well as Fix who had one.

The Flag was flown at half-staff today. 9-11.


The Portagers go out to mid field for the customary after game handshake.

We have a couple new faces on the cheer squad this year. Megan Nesburg on the left and Kayla Pesko on the right. The Portagers welcome you!

The OHS Pep Band was there to rev up the fans and team! The Portager War Cry is again a favorite of the fans.

If you have never been able to be in the announcer's booth here is a view of what they see during their stay up there. Just Beautiful!

Reedy caught several passes

Kozelka gets ready to make a move

Meister confers with the coach

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Thanks to Gwen Smith for all the pictures and text.

Mr. Sedelmaier stays well after the game and the fans are gone to finish the Stats report for the team. Job well done!, And I thank you for filling me in on today's stats for the web!

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