They have one more meeting before they break back into their respective groups for more drills relating to their positions. Coach Hunter explained to the team that there was still room on the team and plenty of time to invite others to join the squad.

Football Practice Begins

Many of the team members have been working out in the weight room all summer and Coach Hunter reported that he had 20 members attend the Roscommon Football Camp this summer. While this springs graduation took away some outstanding players, they do have returning starters. All Conference 1st team QB and Kicker Senior Dustin Thomas, Senior DE Brandon Hilliard, Junior Center/linebacker Brett Cronkhite, Senior Running Back Tom Gillespie and Junior LG John Yonkers.

Sr. Running Back Tom Gillespie takes a breather after their water break with the rest of the team. Once the team had regrouped, Coach Hunter explained what they would be doing next.

Coach Hunter revs up the team!

Sr. Tom Gillespie flies past me with the ball after executing a play.

August 9th, 2004 was the official kick off of high school football practice. Note: if any of my photos are dated the 8th, it's my fault. It's been off by one day all summer, and i forgot to adjust it. Trust me, they started on the 9th! With that taken care of, spectators and parents were out in full force tonight to watch the 2004 football team take to the field. Coach Hunter was by Coach Taylor, Mr. English, Mr. Miller, Coach Tim Kline , (my apologies if I spelled his name wrong), Les Johnson and others. Mr. Foster was there as well. OHS Alumnus Rick Firman was there, a '74?grad who was on the OHS football team in his high school days and reminisced about his athletic days under Coach Taylor. Ahhh the good ole days! *clearing throat* , we aren't that old yet! ''04 grads Pat Stedman and Jon Sievert stopped by also.

The linemen listen to Coach Taylor and Johnson as they explain about the drills they are about to execute.

The ball handling skills our Portagers demonstrated was just awesome to watch tonight. The picture didn't catch it, but they could drop and grab, toss and grab and twirl that ball with one hand!

Johnson, Taylor and English continue to work with the linemen.

And the drills continue!

Football Schedule / Onekama Sports for 2004-2005

Gwen Smith, Sports Reporter / Photographer

Sr. QB Dustin Thomas seemed ready to get Football season under way!

As they lined up again he said, " you don't want to be the last one there! You want to get there first!" I witnessed some impressive quick starts and speed during this drill.

Coach Hunter had the entire JV and Varsity squads line up and run sprints 10 and 20 yards at a time.

Coach Hunter had a great turn out this year of team members who went to Football camp as was evident by their T-Shirts.

Sr. Dominic Morrill was all smiles with the start of football season.

Coach Tim Klein (sp) who is here to help out this year is being interviewed by sports editor Greg Gielczyk.

Jim executes his drill like a pro!

Receiver Sr. Justin Gronostalski runs a drill with Coach Hunter.

Coach Taylor works with a player on proper positioning during hits.

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