Left to right, Garry Matthews ' 71- ' 74 Linebacker/Guard; Coach Jim Anderson; Coach Jim Taylor coached since ' 64 and was inducted into the Hall of Fame; Ted Werle first touch down '64; Jim Herklerath 1st Quarterback ever for OHS ' 64 and Linebacker defense; Frank Figgels '64 safety and 64'- 68 Quarterback.

Celebrating 40 Years of
Onekama Football

with a Community
Kickoff Party


 Wednesday, September 1, 2004

Looking up in the stands I spotted Les Johnson, in the middle, as well as about 8 other former OHS players. Les played linebacker in ' 74 and ' 75 and also was relief for Kenny Hilliard until a knee injury took him out of the game for good.

This years OHS Senior team members grab Chris for a senior group shot. Front row left to right, Chris Nadjowski and Justin Gronostalski. Left to right back row, Dominic Morrill, Brandon Hilliard, Blake Ickes, Dustin Thomas, Chris Smith and Tom Gillespie.

The 40th Football Season Celebration was a grand event with players representing each year in attendance. The "Tail Gate Party" can be officially called a success and hopes of it becoming an annual event were heard through out the night. After Coach Hunter introduced this years team members, Hall of Fame Coach Taylor reminisced about the start of the program 40 years ago. The uniforms were donated by a university and of course were ill fitting on the high school youth, but they made due. He remembered playing Brethren on Manistee's field. With no home field to call their own, OHS called many fields their home field, in other words, whatever school field was available.

Richard Berryhill played OHS football under Coaches Taylor and Foster during '69, '70, '71 with the Onekama field being built in ' 72. Richard spoke of the rough equipment, gear and uniforms and those nasty high top shoes from back then. He brought a happy roar to the crowd when he mentioned the game of '72 on our HOME field and the win over Frankfort 32-0.

Mark Ward played End and Cornerback ' 72- ' 75 for OHS and in speaking with him he wanted to just say, "Thank you to Coach Taylor, Coach Foster and Coach Anderson".

The community lined up along the fence as well as filled the stands for tonight's Celebration. There were several former OHS players observing from this spot.

Running back Ted Werle scored the teams first-ever touchdown. Jim Taylor was Onekama Head Football Coach from its start in 1964 until 1988.

Jim Anderson joined the coaching staff as the line and defense coach. He served for over 16 years.

Everywhere you looked there were football players who at one time played football for OHS. Left to right, Mike Rotch LG and Linebacker 2003, Chris Smith DE/RG and Noseguard ' 00-' 03, Jordan Pomeroy who played DE in the 6th grade!

Mark Ward

Todd Jacobs played halfback ' 81-' 83 and believes he still holds the school record for most yards gained in a single season which was 1254 yards.

Luke Goodrich with Coach Hunter

Jim Hilliard (QB) with son Brandon who is on the current Portager Team

Avid Fans: Lucy Foster and Mary Pattison    
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Carl Foster was the Back Field Coach for 25 years.

Yearbook Photo

Team members brought their yearbooks to this event to reminisce. Here is a team photo of the '64 -'65 season team members. Now we know what Richard Berryhill was speaking of when it came to gear.

The team is wearing their basketball jerseys.

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Leonard Diesing made the first tackle of the first game.

Craig Peterson & Lora Taylor
Lora kept the Cheerleaders in top form.

Todd Rutowski '86-'88 & Brandon Schram

Ed Brandt played TE/Center during the ' 65 season

Richard Berryhill ('71-'73) made the first touchdown on the new Portager Field

Jimmy Taylor ('74-76)

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40 Year Kick off Continued

Thanks, Mindy Sedelmaier, for all you did to bring this together. Now we need a photo of your football playing husband and son. Here it is: Three Generations of Sedelmaiers


Coaches Hunter and Taylor approach the field from the new warm up building

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