Onekama Varsity Boys Basketball
Coached by Jerry Brown

Date School Result
Dec. 10 Away Pentwater Onekama won 68-47. Leading the scoring was senior Dustin Thomas with 24, Joey Mitchell had 15, Anthony Reedy had 10, Ryan Brown 6. Matt Fredricks and Brandon Hilliard each had 4, Nate Milarch had 3, and Bret Cronkhite 2. Matt had 11 rebounds. Dustin and Ryan had 7 assists and 4 steals each.
Dec. 11 Home 6:00 MCC Onekama defeated the Sabers 58-41. Freshmen Anthony Reedy scored 17 points. Joey Mitchell added 15 and Dustin Thomas had 10, Brandon Hilliard had 7, Brett Cronkhite and Matt Fredricks had four each. Ryan Brown put in a free throw. Reedy also had 11 rebounds. Ryan Brown had five steals. Nate Milarch had three assists.
Dec. 14 Home TC Christian Onekama defeated the Sabers of Traverse City Christian by the score of 63-48. Scoring for the Portagers were Dustin Thomas with 17 and Anthony Reedy with 14. Joey Mitchell and Nate Milarch each had 8. Matt Fredricks, Josh Vertalka, and Brandon Hilliard had 4 each. Ryan Brown and Brett Cronkhite had 2 each. Leading rebounders with 5 each were Anthony, Dustin and Nate. Ryan led in assists with 7. Joey led in steals with 4. The two top sportsmanship point scorers were Matt and Nate with 9 points and Anthony with 9. The team is now 3-0 for the season. Some Photographs
Dec. 17 Away MCE Onekama lost 68-59.. Dustin Thomas scored 16 points, Joem Mitchell contributed 15 and Anthony Reedy 15. Dustin led in rebounds with six. Joey and Ryan each had five assists and four steals.
Jan. 4 Home Walkerville Onekama Portagers defeated the Wildcats of Walkerville by a score of 75-67. Joe Mitchell had 19 points, Matt Fredricks had 18, Dustin Thomas had 17, Brandon Hilliard 6, Ryan Brown and Anthony Reedy each had 4, Josh Vertalka had 3, Brett Cronkhite and Nate Milarch each had 2. The leading rebounders were Dustin and Anthony. Ryan led in assists. Matt led in steals. Top sportsmanship point scorers were Ryan and Matt. The team is now 4 and 1 for the season.
Jan.7 Away Brethren Onekama lost to Brethren 64-59. Dustin Thomas had 15 points, Ryan Brown had 13, Anthony Reedy, 10, Joey Mitchell 8, Matt Fredericks 7, Brandon Hiliard 5, and Nate Milarch 1. Matt pulled down 8 rebounds, and Dustin dished out 5 assists and 4 steals. Some Photographs
Jan. 11 Away Frankfort Onekama lost to the Panthers 71-85. Dustin Thomas scored 21 points, Matt Fredricks 14, Nate Milarch 9, Brandon Hilliard and Ryan Brown each had 8, Anthony Reedy 7, and Joey Mitchell 4. Anthon was the leading rebounder with 8. Dustin and Joey each had 5 assists. Dustin led with 6 steals. Top two Sportsman scorers were Nate with 15 and Joey with 14. Some Photographs
Jan. 14 home Bear Lake Onekama lost to Bear Lake 68 - 75. Matt Fredericks contributed 15 points, Joey Mitchel 12, Ryan Brown 10, Brandon Hilliard 7, Anthony Reedy 4, and Nathan Milarch 2. Game Photographs

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Jan. 21 Away Freesoil Onekama defeated the Pirates 66-62. Scoring were Ryan Brown, Joey Mitchell, Anthony Reedy each with 15 points. Tayler Fraley had 10, Brandon Hilliard 6, Nate Milarch 3, and Brett Cronkhite 2. Leading rebounder was Brandon with 7. Ryan led with 3 assists. Matt Fredricks had 3 steals. Tops in Sportsmanship Points were Ryan with 27 and Tayler with 14. The team is now 5 and 4 on the season. Photo
Jan 25 Home Baldwin Onekama defeated Baldwin 75-55. Dustin Thomas scored 26 points, Anthony Reedy dropped 17. Joey Mitchell addd 14. Matt Fredericks had 7, Tayler Fraley 4, Ryan Brown 3, Nate Milarch and Brandon Hilliard had 2 each. Fraley pulled down 11 rebounds while Reedy hauled in 9. Brown distributed 10 assists. Fraley led with 6 steals. Team Photo
Jan 28 Home Pentwater Onekama defeated the Falcons 71-60. Dustin Thomas had 17 points. Joey Mitchell had 13. Ryan Brown, Anthony Reedy and Matt Fredricks had 9 each. Brandon Hilliard had 7, Tayler Fraley 4 and Nate Milarch 3. Leading rebounder was Matt Fredericks with 9. Ryan Brown led wth 8 assists. Joey Mitchell led with 5 steals. Tops in Sportmanship Points were Ryan Brown with 21 and Dustin Thomas with 19.
Feb. 1 Home MCE Onekama lost to the Cardinals by a score of 39-65. Joey Mitchell and Dustin Thomas each had 9 points. Ryan Brown had 7, Matt Fredericks had 4, Anthony Reedy 3, Brandon Hilliard and Tayler Fraaly each had 2 and Nate Milarch had 1. Tayler and Dustin were leading rebounders. Ryan led in assists. Joey led with 3 steals. Top sportsmen points went to Tayler with 20 and Ryan with 17. MCE Pictures by Lynn
Feb. 4 Away Walkerville Onekama wins 66-50 over Walkerville. Dustin Thomas scored 15 points, Joey Mitchell had 13 and Ryan Brown came up with 11. Brandon Hilliard added 9, Tayler Fraley 8, Matt Fredericks 6 and Brett Cronkhite 4. Fredericks pulled down 10 rebounds. Brown and Thomas each had 5 assists. Thomas also had 4 steals.
Feb. 5 Home MCC Onekama won 69 - 49. Dustin Thomas scored 27 points, Ryan Brown added 13, Brandon Hilliard 12, Tayler Fraley 10, Joey Mitchell 6 Nate Milarch 2 and Matt Fredericks 2. Dustin hauled down 15 rebounds, dished out 5 assists, and led with 6 steals. Onekama improved its record to 9-5 overall for the season.
Feb. 8 Home Mesick Onekama defeated Mesick 70-58 for their 10th win. Dustin Thomas scored 18 points and hauled down 10 rebounds. Brandon Hilliard had 13 points, Joey Mitchell 12, Matt Fredericks 11, Tayler Fraley 10, Ryan Brown 4, and Anthony Reedy 2. Brandon grabbed 9 rebounds. Joey and Ryan each had 5 assists. Tayler had 19 sportsmanship points. Ryan and Dustin each had 12 sportsmanship points. Game Photographs.

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Feb. 11 Home Brethren Onekama lost to the Brethren Bobcats 60-62. Joey had 15 points, Dustin had 14, Anthony 12, Ryan 9, Matt 6 and Tayler 4.
Feb 15 Away Bear Lake Onekama lost to the Lakers 67-69. Ryan and Joey each had 15 points, Tayler had 8, Dustin 9, Anthony 7, Brandon 5, Matt 4, and Nate 1. Leading rebounder for the Portagers was Anthony with 10 boards. Ryan led with 7 assists. Tayler had 6 steals. Tops in sportsmanship points were Ryan with 18 and Joey with 14. Photographs
Feb 18 Home Freesoil The Portagers defeated the Pirates 92-60. Dustin Thomas had 24 points, Anthony Reedy had 17, Joey Mitchell 14, Ryan Brown 12, Josh Vertalka and Tayler Fraly 6, Matt Fredricks 5, Brett Cronkhite 4, Nate Milarch and Nate Griswold 2 each. Dustin was the leading rebounder with 10 boards. Ryan led with 5 assists and 4 steals. Dustin had 12 sportsmanship points and Tayler had 8.
Feb 22 Away Manton Onekama lost to Manton 65-74. Joey had 18 points, Anthony 14 and Dustin 10. Matt connected for 9 points, Ryan 7, Brandon 4 and Tayler 3. Dustin had 8 rebounds, Ryan led with 8 assists, and Joey had 3 steals. The two top players with Sportsmanship Points were Tayler with 11 and Joey with 8.
Feb 25 Away Baldwin Onekama defeated Baldwin 81-72. Dustin and Anthony scored 18 points apiece. The Portagers trailed 22-20 at the end of the first quarter, but they outscored the Panthers and ended with a 44-37 lead at the half. Joey contributed 15 points, Brandon added 9, Matt 8, Ryan 7 and Tayler 6. Joey had 9 rebounds and 5 assists. Dustin had 5 assists and 4 steals. The Portagers finished 8-6 in the conference.
Feb. 28 at MCC vs MCC Varsity tournament will be the week of 2/28/05 through 3/05/5 at MCC with Onekama, Bear Lake, Frankfort, MCC, Buckley and Cadillac Heritage Christain School in District 116.
All games are at MCC gym
Monday 2/28/05 Onekama defeated MCC 69-48
Photographs Frankfort defeated at about 7:30 p.m.
Ryan and Joey each had 13 points, Brandon and Tayler each scored 9, Anthony had 6, Matt 5, Dustin Thomas and Justin Sedelmaier each had 4. Josh, Brett, and Nate each had 2. Brandon was the leading rebounder with 10. Ryan led with 6 asists and 5 steals. Tops in sportsmanship points were Tayler with 36 and Ryan with 33.
March 2 at MCC vs Cadillac Wednesday March 2 OHS lost to Cadillac Heritage Christian 51-54 Photographs and Statistics
Wednesday March 2 Bear Lake defeated Frankfort 64-41
March 4 at MCC Friday March 4th Cadillac Heritage Christian defeated Bear Lake
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