Onekama Golf Team Secures A Win Over MCE 9-9-04!

While the two schools are in the same conference, this win will count as a win in the non-league catagory for OHS as it was not held on a league night. A win is a win though, and one the Portagers are proud of. According to Coach Zadow, the team has been waiting about 6 years to start winning matches against Custer. This year they are doing just that! To add frosting to the cake the team had a few members produce personal bests tonight also. The match was held on the Portager's home course The Heathlands on the front 9.

Nathan Griswold was Low man for OHS today with his 44, Jordan Pomeroy followed with 48,Todd Lyman and Josh Cebula tied at 53 for the scoring four today. This was a personal best for Josh with an 8 stroke improvement. Chris Smith shot a 55 andTim Veverica a 57. Stephanie Carlson shot another personal best of 61 which was another 2 stroke improvement from the last match! Kristie nailed a 63 for a personal best, which was a 9 stroke improvement! This win now places the team with 1-2 in the Conference, 2-4 in non-league and 3-6 overall!

Back at the club house, the teams gather and wait anxiously for the scores as the coaches add them up while each group comes in. It was going to be close, but the Portagers finish with 198 to MCE's 201 for the win!

Kristie and Stephanie grin as Coach Zadow confirms their scores and realizes she owes them a juice/pop for improving their scores with personal bests of 61 and 63! Yes, It was a great match tonight!

Nathan and Jordan walk with Mrs.Griswold through the woods to the next hole. It was a very scenic walk. The team members can chat with us going from hole to hole, but we are not allowed to speak with them as it could be interpreted as us giving advice during a match, which is not allowed.

Golf Schedule for 2004

Sports Schedule for 2004-2005

Chris tees off for the 8th hole which is 150 yards Par 3 hole.

Knowing that I don't know a lot about golf yet, the team members mess with me in fun at times. Here at the 8th tee, Tim and Josh set up to tee off in opposite directions at the same time...Gotta love those boys! When I asked which one was whacking first and in what direction Tim answered, and I quote, "It is a swat if you are teeing off, and a whack if you have to go over water!". He wanted those terms added to our lesson page, but when I asked Josh if it was true, he just looked back at me over his shoulder and shook his head no and smiled. Hmmmmmm.

Now here is a familiar face to the Golf teams! Ben Finan! Ben has continued on with his love for golf and works at the Heathlands. He played golf for Onekama for 6 years.

Ben was the second OHS team member to qualify for State, finishing one stroke out of the medals at State. Colin Fink was the first to Qualify.Here, Ben is showing Drew swings and drives. Drew has said that he will be the next OHS golfer to qualify for State. He has what it takes, but we wonder what his brother Nathan and Jordan have to say about that?! It was fun to see Ben working with him tonight.

Nathan tees off for the 7th hole which is a Par 4 hole.

Nathan checks the scorecard while his playing partners putt out the 7th hole. Both Nathan and Jordan shot a bogey on this hole.

Josh chose a 7 iron to use on the 8th tee.

Ben had just got done lifting Drew up as he hung from the golf club when I snapped this shot and before we knew it, the two of them were out on the greens together.

Team manager Drew comes up the steps to the deck and reports his score. The match was running long and he had to stop short of the full 9 holes, but logged a 45 by the 8th.

Shelly Griswold volunteered to take over the golf web reporting next year and Coach Zadow and I get her to sign a "contract of committal". We are thrilled to have another parent step up and help, but get her signature to confirm that promise! *grin*

Jordan's shot landed in the sand trap just before the green on the 7th. He shot it out of there without any trouble with the ball landing not even 6 foot from the hole!


Gwen Smith Reporter/Photographer

Tim also chose a 7 iron to use on the 8th tee and then critiqued himself saying he dropped his shoulder badly on that one.


Golf Schedule for 2004

On the 9th Hole which is 321 yards and a Par 4 hole, Tim takes free relief from the sprinklers and chips onto the green. There was just no way to hit the ball out of the sprinkler head. He putts out the hole finishing with a Double Bogey for the 9th and 57 for the 9 holes. Josh was 1 over par on the 9th finishing with a personal best of 53.

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