OHS Secures 2 More Wins

<--To get started faster, they had the first seeds Tee off from the 2nd hole and others started back at the First hole. This group would pick up the 1st hole when they completed the 9th. Batter up! Oh wait, that is baseball... Fore!!! Nope! Nathan's drive was everything but a drive you would say Fore at. It was a beautiful shot down the fairway. *note to self* ( only yell fore on an errant shot to warn others of possible danger)

OHS secures 2 more wins in the non-league standings tonight at the Manistee National Golf Course bringing their current stats to 4-7 in non-league, 12-9 overall and still 8-2 in the Conference. The Portagers finished as a team with 205 to beat Freesoil's 238 on Canthooke Valley at Manistee National. Walkerville was a no show as a team and therefore forfeited

Nathan Griswold and Jordan Pomeroy both finished with a 47 to be Low Men for OHS tonight as well as the match medalists. Todd Lyman shot a 53 and Tim Veverica a 58 to round out the scoring four for the team effort. Also shooting for Onekama was Josh Cebula. Chris Smith was home sick today and did not compete in the match.

Freesoil's score of 238 came from Grimm's 59, Papes's 49, Edel's 79 and Rybicki's 51.

Jordan's drive was a nice one as well off the 2nd tee and he packs up his driver and heads out across the Fairway.

Nathan holds the flag for his team mate Jordan on the 2nd green. Jordan had a very long putt and was hoping for Par. He ended with a Bogey on this hole.

Josh and Todd pose by the 5th hole marker which is a challenging Par 4. What you can't see , is a wasps nest at my feet that Josh was trying to tie to his golf bag. It was attached to a vine and he was trying to tie the vine to the bag. When a wasp was seen still inside it, they decided to leave it behind..wise choice!

I was impressed with the carving of the bear on the 6th marker...I'm still not sure what Todd is doing to Josh, but these kids do know how to keep things interesting!

Josh's drive off the 6th tee placed him "slightly" off the green. He chips out of this problem with the right idea, but...lands in the sand hazard...

The last match of the regular season for the Portagers, before Conference finals and Regionals, was held at the Manistee National Golf & Resort on Canthooke Valley. Canthooke offers some challenging surprises for golfers of all calibers.

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Gwen Smith Reporter/Photographer

Back on the 4th hole, Drew completes his putt to finish out the 4th. They had to shoot across the marsh on the 4th tee to get to the green. I wondered if they realized now they had to do it all over again heading back on the 5th?!

Josh putts out the 5th hole and we were on our way to the 6th tee! Nice putt kid! It's in!

He looked back and commented," that's ok" and proceeded to place his shot out of the sandtrap near the hole. Good job Josh!

"Dude, you don't want to bother looking for it in there!" warned a playing partner from Freesoil speaking from experience. Josh did his usual smile and headed off in the muck any ways!


Todd's shot made it over all that marsh on the 5th tee...:) Whew...

Jordan leads to way off the bus when they arrived at the Manistee National Golf Course. You could feel the excitement in the air.

Drew is still floating on air after yesterday's score he shot at the Manistee Golf Club's course! Ham it up Drew! Ham it up!


Golf Schedule for 2004

Sports Schedule for 2004-2005

Gwen Smith Reporter/Photographer

Nathan putts out the 2nd hole as well and gets a Bogey also.

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Josh tees off for the 5th and realizes his ball didn't make it quite to the other side of the marsh..awww shucks...