Onekama vs MCC

September 28, 2004


<--Chris takes a practice putt before putting out the 7th hole while Josh , on the left,lines his up.

Well....the "Golf Gods" didn't seem to shine down on the Portagers today at the Manistee Country Club, but a few of the team members managed to push through and produce personal bests anyhow.

MCC won today's match with a score of 163 to the Portager's 209. Low man for OHS today was Drew! Yes, Team Manager Drew Griswold produced a personal best today on the back 9 with a score of 47. Congratulations Drew! While we couldn't use his score today, it definitely needs to be noted!

The scoring four for OHS were Jordan Pomeroy with 50, Todd Lyman with 51, Tim Veverica with 53 and Josh Cebula with 55. Tim's 53 was a personal best. Chris Smith struggled some today, as did most of the team and shot a 56. Stephanie Carlson came in with 61 and Kristie Sievert broke her previously low of 60 today shooting a 59 for a new personal best! Nathan Griswold was home sick and did not participate in today's match.

Mcc's score came from Ennis's 38, both the Bartosz's 42's and Korzeniewski's 41. The Portagers have a match tomorrow,9-29-04, at the Manistee National Golf Resort which starts at 4pm.

Coach Zadow and MCC's Coach watch as the next group play out the 9th hole.

MCC's Team invited the Portagers over to one of the Coaches houses for Pizza after the match. While the two schools are rivals in most respects, the GolfTeams get along together and it is always a friendly match. The Portager's Thank MCC for their hospitality tonight!

Jordan's phone rings, interrupting the fun filled discussions the teams were having. Hmmm, "now where were we?".... Drew chimed in," I like this course cause it's like going to a zoo." And he is right. There were deer on the course, at least 50 Canadian geese by the 5th fairway as well as seagulls and squirrels happily wondering around the teams as they played.

Tim finishes his prune and shoots his ball off the rough onto the green to complete the 5th hole

Stephanie's approach to the green put her in the sand trap, but it was really no trap at all for her and she is on the green nicely with one shot.

Coach Zadow congratulates Kristie on breaking 60 with her score of 59 today! This is the first match, since Kristie shot a 60, which was a previous personal best, that she has played. On the difficult back 9 at the Country Club, she was able to shave one more stroke off and produce a 59!

Todd speaks up and says," This is the best tasting defeat we have ever had!" I have to agree.... Pizza, cupcakes and beverages.... Yum!

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Gwen Smith Reporter/Photographer

Tim's Mom has raised him right. He eats fresh picked fruit at every match! Here at the Manistee Country Club, Tim finds the prune trees next to the fairway and grabs one to go.

Tim's shot onto the green left him close to the hole and he putts for Par on the 9th finishing with a personal best of 53 for the day!

It just wouldn't feel right if I didn't get one more shot of Tim before we left...besides, I like all that pretty feathery grass behind him...don't you agree!

Steph's approach to the 9th hole left her on the fringe to the green. She had no problem putting out the hole for a final score of 61 for the day.

Josh tees off for the 8th hole. The last few holes on the front 9 are along the road and sometimes those balls fly across the road into the neighbor's yard!


Chris takes a practice swing before teeing off on the 8th. Notice the hoodie... it was windy and cold today ...I wished I had one on before the match ended...brrr.

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