Coach Zadow triumphantly holds her found ball up as if it were trophy! Found it!

Onekama WinsThe WMD Conference Jamboree!

The Portagers secured 5 wins in today's contest beating all the teams in the conference with a team score of 178! This now has them at 8-2 in the Conference standings, trailing Brethren/BearLake by only one victory and one victory up on MCE. The team's score came from Nathan's 40, Jordan's 40, Chris's 47 and Josh's 51. Todd shot a 54 and Tim came in with a 56. Match Medalist was MCE's Schoeherr who had a 39.

  • 1st OHS 178
  • 2nd Brethren/BearLake 182
  • 3rd MCE 191
  • 4th TIE with Baldwin and Walkerville 215
  • 6th Freesoil

In the tie for 4th place, one of the schools did not have a 5th man/shooter for their team to use as a tie-breaker so they remain tied.

The Jamboree was held on the Portager's home course The Heathlands on the front 9. Coach Zadow was happy to see the team finally shooting well and winning on their home course. Up until now, She noticed a pattern of the team winning at the away matches,but struggling at times on their home front. Something clicked for them today though, giving Brethren/BearLake their first loss in the conference matches for the season. The Conference

Championship will be held Oct. 5th at the Willows.

The Team would like to thank Franz's Market for donating all the pop and ice, Tuttens Lounge and McCarthy's for the Pizza and Mrs. Griswold for the plates and cups that help to feed every team that was at OHS's hosted Jamboree! There was plenty to go around and no one left the match hungry!

Thank You from the OHS Golf Team!

We also want to thank Dawn Johnson for loaning/entrusting her camera to reporter Gwen for today's match!

It's IN! Chris's putt is in the cup and after a few more holes, the B scramble team finished with 2 over par. The scramble was held on the back 9 and they went in 3 men flights. Winning the Flight A scramble was Brethren/BearLake with Cory Brown, Zack Mezeske, and Jerry Stuits.

Flight B was completed with a tie between Custer and Baldwin at 1 under par. They used the 18th hole, the most difficult hole, to break the tie. Custer'sPar on that hole insured their victory. That team consisted of Blaine Reinoehl, Ricky Stepka and Shawn McMann. Winners of both the A and B team flights took home 4x6 plaques.

In a scramble, they play from the best/closest ball to the green. Here, Chris makes a long putt.

It's Tim's turn to putt.

Chris gives it another try as Josh lines up the path.

Nathan's mom and I could see no balls on the fair way as we drove along. Did the coaches lose their golf balls? I could see one on the very edge next to the weeds--was it hers? All three of them wander through the construction site area on the hunt for the elusive ball.

Tim leads the way across the bridge taking us to the next green. It's all down hill to this green after teeing off across a marsh and pond from a hill.

A playing partner from MCE holds the flag as Chris putts out the 4th hole.

The kids tried to keep things moving anyway they could. This match was huge. Here, Chris runs after he shot to get ready for the next. Those golf bags are heavy and the team members impress me with how they can carry them for that distance.

Josh's shot onto the green landed just on the edge. He had no trouble putting the hole out

Tim chips on to the 6th green.

Over on the 8th hole, Todd found himself in the sand hazard. The ball is seen trying to get up and out, but he had to try one more time to convince it.

Leaving Josh's group there, I went on ahead to find the reason. It was Chris's group still making their way to the 5th green. Chris grabbed his 9 iron for this shot and put it on the fringe to the green. That shot put him there in 2 strokes...tee shot, then the 9 iron. "Dude!, how do you do that?" proclaimed one of his playing partners from another school.

Jordan studies the path of a playing partner's drive off the 5th tee.

Golf Schedule for 2004

Sports Schedule for 2004-2005

Gwen Smith Reporter/Photographer

Jordan wills his putt to go in.

While this scramble trio was sure the ball would go one way, Chris knew it would need to be shot a certain way, not straight to the cup. They stepped back and the ball did curve up and around and then into the hole. Good Job!

Chris tees off for the 1st hole on the front 9. Due to the size of the match, some started on the 2nd hole or 3rd hole. As they finished, if they hadn't played out the 1st-2nd holes they picked them up after the 9th. This really got things moving along.

On the 5th tee, Chris used his 9.5* driver. The ball flew well over halfway to the green landing to the right just in the rough.

Josh holds the flag at the 4th for his playing partner.

The coaches led off the scramble on the back 9! Here, Coach Zadow putts out the hole

Chris used one of his Irons to tee off for the 4th hole. His playing partners were shocked at the distance he shot with it, out shooting all of them.

Jordan, Nathan and Todd were the A team for the team scramble on the back 9.

Well, when you arrive at the next tee and you have to wait till the group ahead of you plays out of shooting range, you use that time for a variety of things. Here, Josh rests for a moment and jokes with his playing partners.

Josh keeps spare tees behind his ear! While I have seen him use them as toothpicks also, I wouldn't recommend it.

Team manager Drew met up with us. He was escorting a spectator around the back 9 by golf cart. The rider didn't look frightened, so I figured he was a good driver.

Jordan wets his whistle with some juice before heading off to the 5th hole.

Golf Schedule for 2004

Sports Schedule for 2004-2005

Gwen Smith Reporter/Photographer

What happened here on the 17th hole coaches?! Someone lose their ball? A couple of you?!

I certainly wasn't getting in the way of the Coach's as they teed off, but i was able to capture her fantastic follow through!

Nathan pops his ball out of the sand trap with ease. I can't remember which hole this was..

Todd looks on as Nathan putts during the scramble on the back 9.

Nathan's putt goes in with ease at this hole!

Team B for OHS




Todd is finally able to putt out the 8th hole and he moves onto the 9th.

Hmmmmm, Nathan breezed right through the 17th hole coach!

Todd takes a practice swing before making his approach to the 4th green.

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