Onekama Golf Awards
October 28th

Coach Zadow introduced the All Conference Medalists. Nathan earned First Team All Conference being the third lowest in the Conference this year. Jordan Pomeroy earned Second team All Conference. Jordan finished just 1/10th of a stroke out of 5th place for FirstTeam honors...The Conference takes only the 5 lowest scorers for first team. Jordan recalled what probably stole his chance for First team...He mentioned a water hazard....

The 2004 Golf Team Awards Banquet

Dinner was served buffet style and was prepared by the Bistro. Lasagna, salad, bread and an apple dessert filled the plates of the hungry athletes and there was plenty left for their families as well. Coach Zadow went over the season and handed out individual stats to the members. She is already looking forward to next year, just as the returning members are. The team finished in a tie for 2nd place in the Conference standings this year, the highest since the team started. Coach Zadow asked each member to speak about a memorable moment they experienced throughout the season after they received their awards. I personally had many as I'm sure the golfers did, but my funniest memory was when Tim and Josh set up to tee off in opposite directions as I went to take a photo! When I asked which one was whacking first and in what direction, Tim jokingly clarified a whack for me. " A whack is when you have to go over water and it is a swat if you are teeing off!" he proclaimed. I could always count on Josh for the true facts, but those 2 sure loved to tease me. My proudest moment, and there again were many of this team, was when they beat every team in the Conference at the Jamboree held at the Heathlands, pulling themselves into second place overall in the Conference and giving Brethren/BearLake their only loss for the season.

Gwen Smith Reporter/Photographer


Coach Zadow reads the card on the plant that she received. The team gave her a gift certificate and she receivedother things as well from individuals. There is just no way to properly thank her for all she does as a coach. Hugs were abundant tonight and dreams of next year are already in the making. Congratulations for Super season Coach! THANK YOU! -->

Nathan Griswold earned the coveted Team Medalist Award producing the lowest team member shooting average.

Sophomore Jordan Pomeroy earned his Varsity numbers. Jordan had the second best low shooting average of the team and shared match medalist with Nathan several times throughout the season. Jordan's memory moment: At the Grand Traverse Resort on Spruce Run, he chipped in for a Bogey!

Sports Schedule for 2004-2005


Senior Chris Smith, already having earned his letters and numbers received his golf pin. Recovering from a back injury, Chris took to the game of golf and accomplished quite a lot! He was a first year team member and honed his game to the tune of being able to shoot 45's. He was rumored to have shot 39 a couple of times during non-competitive matches.Chris's memory moment: Quite simply, being run over by a golf cart being driven by a Frankfort player. (Just a bump on his leg was all that incurred)

Sophomore Nathan Griswold earned his Varsity numbers. Nathan shot in the high 30's low 40's most of the season and is the leading low man for the team. Nathan's memory moment: During the regional match, holding his fingers 2 inches apart, he talked of how close he came to a hole in one. The ball hit the pin and bounced back and then rolled to within an inch or two of the cup. ( now that's a different kind of ouch!)


Drew Griswold received his manager letter. He asked Coach Zadow to join the team while he was in 5th or 6th grade and has been with the team since, as manager. Drew shot in the mid 40's several times this year. The team could not use his score as he is only in 8th grade, but next year he will be shooting as a Freshman and will no doubt be an asset to the team. Drew's goal is to be the next OHS golfer to make it to State. Drew's memory moment: He was shooting out of a sandtrap and the ball hit Josh in the ankle..*ouch*

Sophomore Stephanie Carlson earned her Varsity numbers. Stephanie came to the world of gold after suffering a knee injury. She still demonstrated her athleticism when she broke 60 one day shooting a 54! Stephanie's memory moment: The last few holes at Manistee Country Club run right along the road. Seems her ball bounced off a light pole and hit a jogger.

Golf Schedule for 2004


Sophomore Kristie Sievert earned her Varsity letter. Coach Zadow originally believed that Kristie came out for golf so that Stephanie would stick with it. She admitted to questioning her motives, but soon squashed that when she observed Kristie's work ethic and how she put forth her best effort everyday. This paid off for Kristie as she broke that awful 60 stroke mark that is so hard to beat at the MCC match at the Manistee Country Club, shooting a 59! Kristie's memory moment: The very first match of the season against Mesick, it took her 8 times to finally hit the ball and tee off. (those days are behind her now!)

Josh Cebula earned his Varsity letter as Freshman this year. Josh had several personal bests this season and was a joy to have on the team. Josh's memory moment: During a match at the Manistee National Resort one of his balls got quite bouncy, ricocheting off a tree and finally hitting him in the head. *another ouch*


Sophomore Tim Veverica earned his Varsity numbers this year. Coach Zadow noticed great improvement in his scoresand Tim too , had several personal bests this season with the last one occurring at Regionals. Tim's memory moment: The team was extremely hungry after an away match, and Wendy's was extremely slow. A "hat fight" erupted and although the team tried to demonstrate it for us I'm still not sure what they were giggling about! (I'm slow)...The team members kept chuckling as Coach Zadow reassured the parents it was in no way troublesome and she too was laughing.

Sophomore Todd Lyman earned his Varsity numbers. Todd's memory moment: Seems there was this ravine that the teams had to shoot across at Marquette Trails and the MCE coach misjudged the distance that Todd would drive. The MCE Coach ducked just in time as the ball hit the top of his golf cart! (better to hit the other team's coach then your own, right Todd)?

Golf Schedule for 2004


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