Nathan shows us his powerful swing!

Onekama Golf
August 23, 2004

OHS and MCC went head to head today on the Portager's home course, The Heathlands, where MCC emerged victorious with a score of 171 to 236. The Portager's were already missing a couple of their team members at today's match, when Todd Lyman becoming more ill than when he arrived for the match, had to excuse himself from the game near the 7th or 8th hole.

Low Man for OHS today was Nathan Griswold with 45. Josh Cebula followed Nathan with a score of 57, and Tim Veverica finished with 59. Stephanie Carlson rounded out the Scoring Four with her 75. Manager Drew Griswold shot a 65 today. Todd Lyman did not finish due to illness.

MCC had the honor of having today's Match Medalist on their team, this being Ben Ennis with his score of 39. Korzeniewski shot 42, Mark Bartosz, Paul Bartosz and Jesse Rose each shot 45 and Erick Smith finished with 57. Matt Smith shot a 71.

The Portagers will get a chance to even the match, with their full team, on MCC's home course, the Manistee Country Club, in September.

Drew Tee's off while a playing partner from MCC looks on.

Left to right, MCC's Coach Ennis, MCC's Coach Solwold and OHS Coach Zadow tally the scores after today's 9 hole match.

Tim watches his ball's flight after teeing off on the 9th hole.

Drew and Coach Zadow discuss golf clubs before he tees off.

The 3rd hole brings sand traps and over grown orchard to the right. Many of the players found themselves looking for their golf balls in tall grass on this corner today. Here, Stephanie is relieved she found her ball and shoots it back out to the fairway in about 3 strokes.

Tim Veverica chose a "chip" here. He could have chosen Peanut Butter or Butterscotch , but went with the chocolate chip instead. Actually, Coach Zadow drove around and offered cookie energy to both teams as they played.

Josh has a beautiful drive and heads out across the fairway with his playing partners.

Stephanie chooses her ball that she will play during course play.

Stephanie Carlson takes a practice swing before she addresses the ball and Tees off.

Todd tees off for the 3rd hole. The ball had good distance, but landed to the left of the fairway just inside the heather. Todd had no problem shooting it out of there back onto the fairway!

Josh managed to avoid the sandtrap on the left side of the green, placing his ball above the hole. The ball had nice speed towards the cup then quickly veered to the left. He made the next putt.

Back on the 2nd hole, Stephanie and Josh end up making a few extra shots they didn't want. Both avoided the sand traps on either side of the hole and begin their putts. Stephanie had a beautiful long putt that stopped just short of the cup.

Tim was a little disgusted with this putt on the 8th hole. He had a beautiful chip onto the green, but his putt went to the left ever so slightly. He did sink it on the next one though!

Golf Schedule for 2004

With her playing partner's balls all marked in various positions around the cup, Stephanie had to choose her stance carefully as to not disturb the other players lay of the green. Silence fell and she makes the putt!

Nathan reports his finalscore to Coach Zadow and expressed a desire to work on getting out of sand traps more efficiently. His drives were "right on" today, but felt he gave up a few strokes coming out of sand hazards. Nathan finished with a 45 today.

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