Onekama Golf August 10, 2004

With temperatures dipping into the 60's at times with an overcast and some times misty skies,and with winds that wanted to knock you over, The Portagers were defeated by Mesick. 359 -403. The 18 hole scrimmage was played on our home course, The Heathlands.

Coached by Scott Phillips, Mesick's score of 359 came from Brad Hall's score of 83, Nick Green's 87, Daniel Cassleman's 94 and Zack Nisbet's 95. Also shooting for Mesick , but not scoring were Andrew Gaylord 102, Ben Dietrich 113, Kevin Adams 126 and Brian Richard 135. Jesse Revolt and Nick Perhota also played today for Mesick. One of the scoring Four and Low man for Onekama today was Nathan Griswold shooting a 38 on the back 9 for a personal best, and finishing with a score of 84 for the day. Jordan Pomeroy shot a 97, First year Senior Chris Smith shot a 107 and Todd Lyman a 115 for the day. Shooting, but not counting were 8th grade manager Drew Griswold with a score of 108. Drew shot a 49 on the back 9 for a personal best. First year freshman Josh Cebula shot a 124 and Tim Veverica finished with 146. Tim had a 24 stroke improvement from the front 9 to the back 9 today. The entire team showed improvement on the last 9 holes, with Tim's being the greatest amount. This showed their ability to stay under control, shake off the last stroke/hole and go forward..Also shooting today were Stephanie Carlson and Kristie Sievert. The season opens officially, Tuesday 8-17-04 at Baldwin where the Portagers will be playing MCE on the front 9 and Walkerville on the back 9 at Marquette Trails which is just south of Baldwin. Tee off time is 1:00pm

The Team checks their gear with Coach Zadow and gets last minute rules reminders on such things as movable objects/immovable objects, etc. (There's one of those terms parents! Did you study the lesson sheet page yet?)

The golfers on both teams patiently wait their turn to tee off. The players went in groups of 4 with 2 from each team. After each of the 4 teed off, the others would have to wait as the group of four played out of shooting range before they sent the next 4.

Todd Lyman holds the flag as Tim Veverica makes his putt on the 18th Hole.

Coach Zadow finishes her high 5 with Drew over his pars on the 16 and 17 holes which are par 4 holes. Drew is an 8th grade manager on the team and he shot a personal best today on the back 9 of 49, for a 108 on 18 holes.

You could feel the excitement in the air before the start of the match. Some of the members arrived extra early in anticipation of the event. As Coach Zadow arrived, the team members quickly gathered around her.

Left to right, Todd Lyman, Chris Smith, Nathan Griswold, Josh Cebula, Tim Veverica and Drew Griswold choose their drivers and hit a few waiting for Mesick to arrive.

Your photographer / reporter for the 2004 golf season is Gwen Smith.


<-- Kristie studies the course map, while something catches the attention of the Coaches and Stephanie as they wait for the next group to be able to tee off.

Both Mesick and Onekama said they had a great time today and wished they could play together again this year.

Upon completing the 18th hole, Nathan Griswold laid out on the grass by a tree and took a deep breath and relaxed. A personal best on the back 9 of 38!

Jordan Pomeroy bounces the ball on his lob wedge after the match. Jordan finished with 97. The general feeling among the team today was that they got the jitters out of the way on the front 9 and were playing well on the back 9. Their scores showed exactly that.

Tim Veverica takes his practice swing before teeing off.

Golf Schedule for 2004
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OHS Jordan Pomeroy tees off and the excitement keeps building. Coach Zadow explained that once they tee off, no one is allowed to talk with the team members except the coach, until they are done with the game. I'm going to have to bring milk duds next time to keep my jaws busy! Me not talk with them? Good thing Mrs. Carlson was there to keep me busy! *grin*

Sports Schedule for 2004-2005

Wearing her knee brace for an injury from basketball season, Stephanie Carlson Tees off and heads out across the fairway with her group. Girls Golf is in the spring, but girls may play on the boys team in the fall if their schools do not have a girls team. Most of the schools in this area do it this way so Stephanie and Kristie will no doubt meet up with other female players as the season progresses.

Nathan and Chris were the first Portagers to finish the 18th hole. Chris had a beautiful chip that landed the ball inches from the hole and made the putt, completing his 18 holes for the day. As the members completed the 18th hole, they came over to Coach Zadow and went over their scores with her. She asked each one of them what they thought and felt about today. As they thought about it, you could tell, they knew what went right and what didn't and how to correct it if they already hadn't.

Todd Lyman takes a practice putt before the match.

She gave them instructions to go to the driving range and warm up with no more than 25 drives.

As the Mesick team arrived at the driving range our Portagers moved over to the Putting area. Here, Josh Cebula warms up his putts.

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