Coach Zadow had them step away for a bit and discussed proper attire, etiquette, equipment and a variety of things.

August 6, 2004: Practice has now officially started and is in full swing. No pun intended!

Most of the Golf team members have been working on their technique at various courses throughout the summer on their own, but now they can practice as a team and with their coach. Just in time too, as the first match is coming up fast, August 10th to be precise which will be a non-conference match against Mesick. The Portagers call The Heathlands their Home course and there will be several matches held there.

The Team members worked on hitting their Irons, Woods and Drivers at The Heathlands driving range under the watchful eye of Coach Zadow.

Golf Practice Begins

It feels so good when they go long and straight!

Practice, practice, practice. From setting your tees to the right height, to proper follow through, it takes practice to become consistent in your swing

As if they were in slow motion, Coach Zadow follows Chris's swing all the way through to help him stretch/reach out with his driver more for more distance and loft. Reaching out helped his pivot automatically as well.

Pomeroy drives another one for Coach Zadow

It seems too easy to just walk up and hit that ball. But, when you apply all the proper techniques at once ,it can be overwhelming and whoops, you miss that occasional ball on the swing or just get a piece of it.

Kristie Sievert 'smacks' one out there getting a feel for her club.

One last drive and then it was time to pack it in for the day.

The members worked on keeping them long and straight, making adjustments when needed.

The season looks to be good for the Portagers with some veterans of team play returning as well as some new comers who are looking solid. The team will have put away 6 matches before school starts this fall....come out and support your Portagers at the Heathlands! Or, check the schedule and catch up with them at any of their other matches! GO TEAM! Hit them Long and Straight!

Each member brings to the team this year a variety of levels of experience.

Team member Pomeroy drives another one staying as consistent as possible.

Note: By MHSAA rule, every high school team is allowed 16 contest dates. OHS currently has 13 scheduled not counting Regionals. Attempts will be made to fill the schedule by adding 3 more matches.

Your golf reporter / photographer is Gwen Smith.

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Coach Zadow works with Stephanie Carlson and Kristie Sievert on the correct grip. This finger here, cross these, place them here....I had NO idea!

Left, Veverica and right, Smith, hit a few with their woods for Coach Zadow.

Veverica and Smith prepare for their drives at the driving range.

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