Hat Day: Onekama's Students Raise Money for Tsunami Victims

Pictured above: Ryan, a member of the student council collects "hat money" from fifth graders Jaylee, Lisa, Mariah, Brandon G.

A second grade cowgirl
enjoys wearing a hat!

The NHS and Student Council members hosted a Hat Day on Friday, January 7.   $350 was collected. The effort will continue Friday, Jan. 14. Additionally proceeds from the Empty Bowl Soup Supper will be used for Tsunami Relief

Today is hat day at school. I have a hat. It has light pink, dark pink and orange. You can turn it into a sailor hat or a sun hat. It's fun to help the tunami. It's also sad. The high school is putting it on. I put in a dollar, but your really supposed to put in 25 cents. ...Lauren, grade 3

Today is Hat Day at school. Hat day is really fun. You pay 25 cents to help the tsunomi. On regular days you can't wear a hat, but today you can without getting in trouble and you can wear it all day. ...Dylan, grade 3

We helped by giving love to all.We helped by giving money for the 155,000 people that died. We helped by giving food. ...Faith, grade 1

We helped by bringing money to the school to help other people who died from the tidal wave and the earthquake. 155,000 people died from the tidal wave and the earthquake. It happened in Asia. It happened because the world rubbed together. That's how earthquakes and tidal waves happen. ...Logan, grade 1

Today is Hat Day at school. I am wearing a pink hat. I am so so sad for the people who died. So we are getting money for the survivors so they can get food. I feel good that we are helping people. ...Alexa, grade 3

They money will go to the Tsunami Relief Fund and help the tsunami survivors. It was sad about what happened to the people of Sri Lanka but I was glad I could help them. ...Ismael, grade 3

I feel good about giving money to them. I am really sorry for the people that died. I mean it too. ..Mikelle, grade 3

Today is hat day. I am wearing a hat to help the tusnami survivors. I brought in $2. I felt very sad for what happened to the tsunami survivors. They are lucky to live still. ...Cady, grade 3

Donating money made me feel good about myself, but it also made me feel sad. So many people's families died. ...Sam B., grade 3

Today is hat day. I like wearing hats. But I only like to raise money. The reason why is because when I grow up I want to be a nurse and help people. I feel sad to see and hear that a mom had her two sons in her arms but the tsonumy pulled her in. She had to let go of her oldest son and pulled her and her son to safty. When the tsonumy was done she went down to see if her oldest boy survived. He was hanging to a tre lime. He most of seen it when he was trying to get to safty. He grabbed on to the three lime and hanged on for a vary vary long time. But he srvivd and they are happy to be together again. ...Sierra, grade 3

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Mrs. Bromley's Third Graders Wear Hats to Help Survivors

Tsunami Relief
Brittany, grade 4

I think it is a good thing that we are raising money for the people in South East Asia because of the Tsunami. The money will help the people who are hurt and it will help the people get their selfs back to normal. The money will also help them get back to their families. I am glad our school is helping the people in South East Asia.

Fourth Grade

Tsunami Relief
Emily B. grade 4

I think raising money for the Tsunami Relief is a good idea because a lot of people have died. Today we are raising money for everyone that was hit. Some might go to a Red Cross. Other money might go to people that need food and water. I think more than 140,000 people were hit by the Tsunami. I feel sorry for all the people that got hit or died.

Tsunami Relief
Curtis, grade 4

I think it is a good thing to raise money for the people in the Tsunami. I think it is good because they need money for suplies. I think that this will really help the people in Asia to survive better. I think the money is going to a good cause. These are some reasons I think raising money for the people in Asia is a good thing.

<--Mrs. Eichberger's First Graders

Our class helped the Tsunami Relief Effort by wharing hat and giving them mouney. Are class collected $10. The tsunami hapid in the Indian Ocean. It was 500 miles an hour. It was 30 feet high. The tsunami hapid from a earthquake. I hope that everyone is ok. ..Majida, grade 2

Our class helped the Tsunami Relief Effort by by having hat day. We paid to war hat in school. They could use the money on clothes and shelter. I hop they do not die. It happened by a earth qwack. Many people died by the wave. It was very sad. The wave moved 500 miles por hour. It was 30 feet tall. Our class got $10. I pray for them. In my prayer I say I hope people do not die. Amen. My family feels bad for them That's why I pray. ...Meredith, grade 2

Miss Schultz and her kindergarten students wore their fancy hats with pride. -->

Our class helped the tsunami Relief effort by wearing a hat. We payed money and are doing a fund for the tsunami relief. This money will be donated to the people that have died. These people need help by giving money so they can buy food, shelter, clothing, medicine, bedding, water, gasoline for trucks, planes and helicopters. I feel good because I have helped. I feel sorry for the familys and people that have died. I'm sure Onekama School people feel very good about themselves. I am glad for helping the tsunami Relief effort. ...Louise, grade 2

Today is Hat Day. I am wearing a hat so survivors of the Tsunami can have food. I feel so so so sad for the 1,000,000 and some people that died from the tsunami wave. ...Haley, grade 3

My hat is blue, red, blac, gray, green and says POWER HOUSE on it. I donated one dollar to wear my favorite hat You can not wear a hat on a regular school day. ...Kaitlin, grade 3

The 7th Annual Empty Bowl Soup Supper will be held before the Mesick game, February 8th from 4:30-7:00. Price $5 adults, $3 children 10 and under. Proceeds to Tsunami Relief fund.

<--Mrs. Catanese's Class

Our class helped the Tsunami Relief Effort by bringing in a quarter to ware a hat. Some people brout a dollar. People realy need things like clothes, shelter and medicine and food so they will live. The wave was realy tall. The Tsunami was in the Indian Ocean. The wave was 500 miles. I feel so sad for the people. ...Hanah

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