Mr. Story's middle school science class at Onekama has created a giant cell in his room. The cell, which occupies around 800 cubic feet in the corner of the classroom, is a giant walk through model of an average animal/plant cell. The cell contains all the organelles found in a typical cell: nucleus, mitocondria, endoplasmic retculum, etc.

The students are distributing hand made invitations to all of the elementary classes so tours can be scheduled for the "Giant Cell Model" The students will be tour guids explaining the functions of their respective cell parts. Stop in and take a tour!




Mr. Story's seventh grade class did a great job creating a giant animal cell. Jon, Jake and Chase believe they are creating Harry, the harry ribosome.

Jake admits that it was great fun gluing string on a ribosome.

A corner of Mr. Story's science room was enclosed in paper and plastic to become a giant cell.

Designing a giant cell is a little like decorating for Christmas.

Cassandra, Brenda and Alana are working on the lysome so they can add it to the giant "walk in the cell". They are hot gluing the enzymes to the lysome.

Some work is just plain exhausting.

When you come on tour this team will explain each organelle

Carefully, Jake is glueing a ribosome.

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I'm Jon and I am hanging a ribosome in the cell. A ribosome is the protein maker for the cell.

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