Onekama's Softball 2004

DATE RESULT: ...............Coach Fenstermacher
Thursday 4/08/04 at Kingsley Cancelled
APRIL 13th MCC vs OHS The lady portagers lost a double header to MCC. First game with Ashley Peterson pitching they lost 12-0. In the second game with Stevie Gillespie pitching they lost a close game by one, with a score of 7-6. Coach Fenstermacher said they played the best she has seen yet this season and said they are looking real good. Coach F. promised more stats in a few days after she recovers from surgery.Thank you for speaking with me tonight Coach and I am looking forward to more stats when you feel ...Gwen
APRIL 15 Bear Lake vs Onekama: Bear Lake won both games in the Western Michigan D league event,in a very close game, 4-5 and 6-11. Onekama had a 2-1 lead in the first game, but allowed a walk in the 3rd inning tying up the score. The game was tied again,4-4, in the 6th. Coach Fenstermacher said they are right there..just so close to winning games now. The loss against Bear Lake was simply errors they allowed. Ginny Carlson had one RBI and 2 singles in the first game. Amber Johnson had 1 single and 2 stolen bases. Erica Jach a single and 2 stolen bases, Stevie Gillespie a single, Chelsea Bromley a double and 3 RBI's. Ashley Peterson pitched the first game and had 2 stike outs. Ashley Dalke had 2 singles 1 RBI and Andrea Kelly had a stolen base. " They did real well in fielding", stated Coach F., with Harthun, Jach and LaRue doing very well." Amber Johnson caught a foul ball and took someone out at the plate. In the second game, Ginny Carlson had 4 RBI's, a double and a single as well as 2 stolen bases. Erica Jach had 2 singles, 3 stolen bases. Gillespie struck out 5. Ashley Dalke stole 1 base. There will be a meeting with the parents Wednesday the 21st at 7pm at the school to explain this years softball program better! ...Gwen
Monday 4/19/04 at HOME The Lady Portagers clean swept a double header against the Freesoil Pirates at the EastLake Field 4-19-04. Score stood 15-5 and 14-11 in favor of OHS when it was all over. Photographs : See great team pictures
Thursday 4/22/04 Onekama Wins One: 1st game Walkerville 15-13, 2nd game Onekama 9-7 Photographs by Gwen
Friday 4/23/04 Onekama lost 11-1 and 10-0 Photographs
Monday 4/26/04 at Pentwater The Lady Portagers lost 2 to Pentwater. 15-5, 1st game and a very good ,close 2nd game 9-8.


Thursday 4/29/04 MCE The Lady Portagers put up a good stand against the MCE Cardinals tonight at the East lake field, but lost both games 6-0 first game, 6-3 nightcap. Photographs and Text
OHS Wins 2!

Monday 5/03/04 at Baldwin 4:30 p.m.

The Lady Portagers won the double header against Baldwin, taking the wins with scores of 28-10 and 25-10! With both their catchers gone tonight , Ashley Peterson stepped up and took the catcher position doing an excellent job for the team. The first game was all over for the Panthers in four innings. Erika Jach had 2 singles and 2 RBI's in the first game. Bonnie Harthun had 2 singles, 1 double, 1 triple and 7 RBI's. Tara Lyman had 2 hits, Ginny Carlson got 3 and 2 RBI's. Ashley Peterson had a single and Ashley Dalke had 2 hits and 4 RBI's. Stevie Gillespie had 2 hits and was the winning pitcher. All team members got to play tonight. Tara Lyman was the winning pitcher in the second game and also logged 2 singles, a double and 3 RBI's. Harthun had a triple and 3 RBI's, Ashley Dalke a single, a triple and 4 RBI's. Ashley Peterson nailed 3 singles and 3 RBI's. "While Baldwin allowed several walks tonight, when the girls did get to hit, they really blasted them out there", commented Coach Fenstermacher. The second game was over in three innings. The next game is
against Brethren who is currently tied with MCE for first place in the league. It should be a good game considering how well the Lady Portagers played against MCE.
Thursday 5/06/04 at Brethren Walks and errors allowed Brethren to take 2 from the Lady Portagers at the Brethren diamond. Onekama lost 15-1 and 10-3. Photographs from the game
District play June 4

Awards June 17

2004 MHSAA Softball District Assignments

The lady Portagers trounced the Freesoil Pirates 17-7 in 5 innings ,winning their first game of District Play. Stevie Gillespie was the winning pitcher. Brethren knocked off MCC, putting the Portagers and Bobcats head to head for the championship. Onekama did not have the pitching it needed in the title game and Brethren took home the championship.

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