The Portager football players chat amongst themselves on the bus before departure as they wait for the remaining team members and Coach Hunter to load. As Coach Hunter stepped on the bus all heads snapped to attention in his direction...time to concentrate......

Onekama Football Team Plays Baldwin

September 12, 2003

Baldwin 34 /Onekama 28

The Portager's led in the second quarter with a score of 21-18.

Coach Hunter and Coach Taylor scrutinize the Portager's offensive play that was about to be executed late in the 3rd quarter. The game ended with a score of 34-28 in favor of Baldwin. The Portagers were just one touch down away....

The OHS fans filled the visitors side of the stands to cheer on our team.

Along with the cheers, comments about the game plays, opinions of flags and calls, and even weather comments could be heard through out the stands. If you missed the game, then by golly you missed all the excitement yet again...hope to see you at the home game against Brethren next week!

  • 8/28 Lake City Home 6:00 pm
  • 9/06 Ashley Home 1:00
  • 9/12 Baldwin Away 7:30
  • 9/20 Brethren Home 1:00
  • 9/26 Forest Area Away TBA
  • 10/04 Vestaburg Home 1:00 Homecoming
  • 10/10 MCC Away 7:30
  • 10/18 Coleman Home 1:00
  • 10/24 Frankfort Away 7:30

Onekama Portager Varsity Roster

  • # 7 Curtiss O'Rorke Stedman FL/SC 10th grd.
  • # 11 Dustin Thomas QB/FS 11th
  • # 19 Dan McElreath FL/WC Senior
  • # 20 John Revolt HB/SS Senior
  • # 22 Tom Gillespie HB/SC 11th
  • # 25 Joe Catanese TE/LB Senior
  • # 33 Chris Nadjowski HB/LB 11th
  • # 50 Brett Cronkhite C/LB 10th
  • # 54 Chris Smith OG/DE 11th
  • # 60 John Yonkers OG/NG 10th
  • # 62 Mike Fredricks C/LB Senior
  • # 65 Jon Sievert OG/DT Senior
  • # 66 Chad Mallison OT/DT 11th
  • # 70 Patrick O'Rorke Stedman OT/DT Senior
  • # 72 Brandon Hilliard OT/DE 11th
  • # 75 Dominic Morrill OT/DT 11th
  • # 80 Andy Norton TE/SS Senior
  • # 82 Blake Ickes FL/FS 11th
  • # ?? Ryan Brown ??/?? 10th

Coach: Jim Hunter, Assistant Coach: Jim Taylor

...text and photographs on this page were provided by Gwen Smith

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Coach Hunter shakes # 72 Brandon Hilliard's hand in a goodluck pat and handshake as he goes down through the entire team lineup before the start of the game.

Christopher Smith runs onto the field as the starting defensive line up is announced.

The team rushes out to pump each other up at the end of the player introduction. They had no idea what was about to happen with the first kick off....none of us did. OHS kicked to Baldwin and their receiver broke through all of our tackle attempts, making a mad dash for an immediate touch down. The extra point attempt was stopped by the Portager's and they soon answered with a touch down of their own.

The OHS cheerleaders stand at attention in front of tonight's crowd for the National Anthem.

The Varsity Cheerleaders for OHS are coached by Karen Bigalke. Listed in no certain order, the cheerleaders are, Megan Mattson, Jessica Griswold, Danielle LaRue, Tara Lyman, Nichole Baranek and Cari Howard

Our cheerleaders warm up some of their mounts, but were soon told that Baldwin School does not allow mounts due to insurance purposes and they must cease doing them for this game.

Nothing will dampen the spirit of the OHS Cheerleaders!

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