Onekama Varsity Boys Basketball
Coached by Mickey Finan

Date School Result
Dec. 10 Away Frankfort Onekama 76, Frankfort 44
Dec. 13 Away Freesoil Onekama 83, Freesoil 42; Dan Richmond 16 pts.,Ben Finan 13 pts., Dustin Thomas 13 pts., Keith Zielinski 11 pts and Joe Catanese 10 pts.
Dec. 17 Home MCC Onekama 52, MCC 40 Ben Finan 13 pts. Dustin Thomas 12 pts. and Dan Richmond 11 pts. in another very exciting basketball game between two county teams. It's the first time MCC has played in Onekama's gym in sometime as old rivals met with a full house to watch them go at it
Dec. 20 Home Baldwin Onekama 62 Baldwin 74 Dan Richmond 18 pts, Dan McElreath 17 pts, & Dustin Thomas 15 pts. As the Portagers suffered their first defeat of the season with a record 3-1 now. The game was much closer then the final score shows.
Jan. 7 Away Pentwater Onekama 61, Pentwater 44 After a long Christmas Break the Portagers finally got back into basketball action by traveling to Pentwater and coming away with a win by a score of 61 to 44. Dan MacElreath led the Portagers with 13 points and Keith Zielinski and Joe Catanese had 11 points each.
Jan. 10 Away MCE Onekama 42, Custer 43 On Friday night the Portagers traveled to Custer to take on the undefeated Cardinals. but the Portagers came up just short as Custer made a 3 pointer with the clock clicking down in the final seconds to beat the Portagers by a score of 43 to 42. It was a very close ballgame as OHS played a very slowed down game and as you heard Mickey tell the players through out the game, "Let's have patience, patience and more patience." A great game! Dan McElreath 12 points; Dan Richmond with 10 points.
Jan. 14 Home Mesick Onekama 66, Mesick 61: The Varsity boys got back on the winning track after losing that tough game to MCE last Friday night. The game was close all the way with Onekama only leading at Halftime by a score of 37 to 33 and the score was tied at 61 apiece with about 1 minute to go. But the Portagers took charge and came away with a victory to see there record go to 5-2 for the season. Dan McClearth led the Portagers with 18 points and Dan Richmond chipped in with 13 points.
Jan. 17 home Walkerville Onekama 66 Walkerville 62: The Varsity game on 01/17/03 was another wild basketball game. The Portagers hosting the Walkerville Wildcats, had a lead of 31 to 33 at halftime. In a wild 4th quarter Onekama came from behind to win. Coach Mickey got caught up in the excitement of the game, but the Portagers held there composer to win by a score of 66 to 62 Portagers Dan Mclearth had 23 points, Ben Finan 14 points, Dan Richmond 12, and Dustin Thomas with 11 for a very fine team effort.
Jan. 18 Away MCC Onekama 65, MCC 61: Displaying incredible cool under pressure for the second consecutive night, the Onekama Portagers rallied from a fourth-quarter deficit to steal a 65-61 non-conference victory from the Manistee Catholic Central Sabers on Saturday night.
Jan 21 Away Brethren Onekama 57, Brethren 49: Tuesday night 01/21/03 the Varsity traveled to Brethren to play their county rivals, the Bobcats. Onekama led at halftime by a score of 28 to 27 and kept the pace in their favor in the second half to win another close basketball game. The Portagers have been in a lot of them lately. Their season record in now 8 - 2. Ben Finan led the Portagers scoring attack with 14 points Kieth Zielinski added 12 points on 4 big three point baskets and Joe Catanese chipped in with 13 points. …Dennis Zupin, reporting
Jan 24 Home BearLake Onekama 50, Bear Lake 36: Onekama played county rival Bear Lake Lakers at home in a conference game. The Portagers were ahead most of the game and ended up winning by a score of Onekama 50 Bear Lake 36. There were numerous fouls in it on both sides. Onekama improved it season record to 9-2. Dan Richmond led the Portagers with 17 points and Joe Catanese helped out with 11 points. All the Portagers saw some action tonight.
Jan 28 Home FreeSoil Onekama 65 Freesoil 28: The Onekama Varsity took on the Freesoil Pirates at home in a conference game and posted a easy 65 -28 win over the Pirates. All the players saw plenty of action including senior Tim Brandt played in his first game of the season since injuring himself in football. Dan Mclearth led the Portagers in scoring with 14 points as they improved there record to 10-2.
Jan 31 Away Baldwin Onekama 48 Baldwin 46: Onekama tied with Baldwin at the end of the first half and the third quarter, Onekama prevailed 11-9 in the fourth period to nail down a crucial 48-46 Western Michigan D League victory over Baldwin on Friday night.
Feb. 4 Home (postponed to Feb 8) Pentwater Onekama 47 Pentwater 40: the Varsity Portagers took on the Pentwater Falcons in a cancelled game from 02/04/03 and at halftime led the Falcons by a score of 23 to 20 and ended up winning the game by a score of 47 to 40 to improve there record to 11 and 3 for the season. Dan Richmond led the Portagers in scoring with 14 followed by Dan McElreth with 10 points.
Feb. 7 Home MCE Onekama 37 MCE 39: Before a full house on Friday 02/07/03 the Portagers took on the Undefeated Mason County Cardinals at home It was a very exciting game in a slowed down game by the Portagers after the 1st quarter OHS was ahead 8 to 0 at one point. In the 1st quarter Dan Richmond crossed half court and just stood and held the ball for over 3 minutes with no Cardinal coming out after him but in the 2nd quarter the Cardinals started a comeback and at halftime the Portagers were ahead 15 to 14 and at the end of the 3rd quarter the Portagers still hung on to a 31 to 26 lead, but in the 4th quarter the Cardinals overtook the Portagers to win by a score of 36 to 39 as the Portagers put up 2 shots with less then 5 seconds left but neither shot fell through to give the Portagers there third lost of the season and the 2nd to the Cardinal. Joe Catanese and Keith Zielinski led the Portagers with nine points each.
Feb. 11 Cancelled

Feb. 18 Make Up

Manton Onekama 56, Manton 67: In a make up game with the Manton Rangers, the Portagers found themselves trailing the Rangers at halftime by a score 27 to 33. The Portagers made some good runs at the Rangers in the 2nd half but just couldn't overtake them as the Rangers won by a score of 56 to 67, and the Portagers saw their record drop to 12 and 5 for the season. Dustin Thomas led the Portagers with 15 points followed by Ben Finan with 11 points.
Feb. 14 Away Walkerville Onekama 49 Walkerville 67: The Varsity boys traveled to Walkervillle to play the Wildcats . At halftime the score was close as OHS was only behind by two points 25 to 27 but in the 2nd half Walkerville outplayed the Portagers to beat the Portagers by a score 67 to 49 Dan Mclearth led the team in scoring with 18 points and Dan Richmond tossed in 10 points in a losing effort.
Feb. 21 Home Brethren Onekama 59 Brethren 45: The Varsity took on the Brethren Bobcats at home on 02/21/03 for Family night before a large crowd in a county rival game. the Portagers climbed to a 25 to 12 halftime lead and never looked back. In the second half they went on to defeat the Bobcats by a score 59 to 45 and saw their season record climb to 13-5. Dan McClearth led the Portagers in scoring with 13, Dan Richmond and Joe Catense each tossed in 10 point. District play starts the week of March 3rd at Bear Lake. The drawing will be held Monday February 24 for the districts.Teams in the District are Bear Lake, Onekama, Frankfort, Manistee Catholic Central and Buckley.
Feb 25 Home Frankfort Onekama 48 Frankfort 44: Varsity played their last home game of the season against the Frankfort Panthers which was Parents night for all the varsity cheerleaders and players as each gave there Parents a carination as they were introduced before the game. In a very exciting game the Portagers were up by 3 at halftime by a score 28 to 25, but Frankfort took control of the third quarter and led by 7 points going into the final quarter. There the Portagers put on a charge and overcame the Panthers to win by a score of 48 to 44 holding Frankfort to 2 points in the last quarter. Joe Catanese Led the Portagers with 17 and Keith Zielinski added 10 points as they improved to 14-5 with a game at Bear Lake on Friday Night. Then start district play next Tuesday night at Bear Lake were they will take on the Buckley Bears at 7:00 p.m. with the winner advancing to the District Championship game on Friday 03/07/03 at Bear Lake.
Feb 28 Away BearLake Onekama 59, Bear Lake 47: The Varsity took on the Lakers on their home court and came away with a victory by a score of 59 to 47. They were led in scoring by Joe Catanese followed by Dan Richmond with 11 and Dan McElearth threw in 10 points as the Portagers ended the season with a win and a season record of 15 and 5. Congratulation to Coach Mickey Finan and his team on a fine season with many close Basketball games
Best of Luck Tuesday evening in your District game against the BUCKLEY BEARS.
March 4 Buckley Onekama Won 54-52 Joe Catanese led with 19 points, Dan McElreath 13, Dan Richmond 12, Dustin Thomas 6 and Keith Zielinski.
March 7 MCC Onekama Wins District Title: Onekama 36-Manistee Catholic 27. The Portagers will play next Tuesday night at 7 p.m. in the regional contest at Cadillac High School where they’re most likely to meet Walkerville. View more Game Photographs

Dennis Zupin, Sports Reporter
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