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The Portagers' Point

Issue 4- Onekama High School-5016 Main Street, Onekama MI. 49675 - May 23, 2002

Yard Sale

Saturday, May 24 (Yes, tomorrow!)

At the Onekama High School

This fundraiser is being held by the Seniors of Onekama High School. The yard sale will be in the gym and will take place rain or shine. In addition to the yard sale, you can grab a bite to eat or drink and get your car washed while you look around. This is our last fundraiser ever as a class! The money raised will be put toward the cost of our senior banquet. Please stop by and buy something for us.


The Class of 2003


The Pineapple

Mashell Monroe, Sophomore

Onekama students have seen many teachers come and go, either for their own reasons or the schools reasons. The few who stayed have figured out how to bond and get along with the students. It is these teachers who have left lasting impressions on the students. One such teacher is Ann Kullenberg.

Ann Kullenburg is a teacher of whom students will never forget. Her unique techniques make learning fun. “Ms. K makes students want to learn new things by her enthusiasm in class,” said Rebecca Bowman. Ms. K's (as students refer) career began as a “freak accident,” a fluke. She is now working in the math department of Onekama School and the computer department at the Manistee ISD. In a recent interview, Ms. K admitted that her students are the

most important part of her teaching career. She also mentioned past experiences she has shared with the students. One of the many experiences she has shared was accidentally setting the ceiling tile on fire with sodium. Ms. K is a very energetic and active person in class and out. “Ms. Kullenberg is quite entertaining in class, learning is actually fun. I can't imagine Cisco next year without her,” said Tom Meoak. Outside of class she enjoys kayaking, riding bikes, bunnies, and rolling in the grass. In the summer, she spends most of her time bare foot and enjoys squishing mud between her toes.

In conclusion, Ms. K is one of O-Towns finest teachers. She is a true example of a fun, energetic, and experienced teacher. “Vita brevis ars longa!”-Ann Kullenberg.

Written By: Mashell Monroe

Building Blocks to Graduation

Katie Baker, Senior

It all began in 1990, a room packed full of kindergartners. All the same little kids with runny noses and smiling faces showing off missing teeth. Playing with the building blocks for hours, acting out a simple game of house in the big playhouse in the room; it was all fun and games. Those little kids are now graduating. They no longer fit in the playhouse, most have had their teeth altered in some way, and college applications have been filled out. The class of 2003 are looking into the future and what it beholds instead of wondering what game they'll be playing next.

One of the most extraordinary things about the class of 2003 is that most of them have all been together for so long. Sixteen of the original kids from the kindergarten class of 1990 are still here. They have been together through all of the Christmas Programs, junior high dances and high school drama.

The class of 2003 has also lost many of their fellow classmates through the years. They used to be known as a large class but have since dwindled down to a measly twenty-six, with the sixteen of them having been through it all.

The class of 2003 will always remember their freshman year when the seniors trashed their homecoming float. They all thought it was the end of the world and spent the hours before the parade rebuilding it. They will remember the sixth grade dance they had in Mr. Thompson's band room. All the junior high dances, where all that mattered was who was going out with whom, or who was crying in the girl's bathroom. Then there was Dinner Theatre, the show that brought them all back in one more time, to show how great of a class they were and what they could do. And finally, the last days of their senior year, where everyone is realizing that it's almost all over.

It is almost time to take the giant step and walk down the aisle, diploma in hand, to kiss Onekama goodbye. All twenty-six seniors are heading in different places, to lead different lives. All sixteen of them that have been together the past thirteen years may never see each other again. All they can do is hold on to their memories and cherish them-- all thirteen years of dances, games, first kisses, and gossip.

“We've always known we would look back on our tears with laughter, but we never thought we'd look back on our laughter with tears.”

Written By Katie Baker

Not So Slim Pickens

Mike Ivinson, Freshmen

The Fender Music Company has two guitars that many people feel surpass the competition. This company has many models of guitars, but this has to be one of the best ever.

Fender Guitars recently introduced the American Deulxe series of electric guitars coming back to some of the Stratocaster and Telecaster models.

The American Deluxe Stratocaster 010-1000 is the ultimate in high performance and handles very finely. It is rigid, lean, and agile. Features include three Fender Vintage-Noiseless pickups with hot bridge for extra punch and sustain, polished chrome locking machine heaslor,

(keeping the guitar in tune) highly detailed fre and nut work, Abolone dot inlays, and agest plastic parts.

The contoured, solid Alder and Ash body comes in candy tangerine and teal green transparent colors. The left-handed version of this guitar is the American Deluxe Stratocaster and comes in aged cherry sunburst.

The American Deluxe Telecaster includes two Fender Vintage- Noiseless Tele pickups and a Bi-Flex truss rod, plus a Micro Tilt neck adjustment that allows for players to fine-tune their playing style. The Telecaster is available in bound-top premium Alder or Ash body and contoured back in aged cherry sunburst, white blonde, or candy tangerine.

Written By: Mike Ivinson

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