1000 origami cranes
fly above diners.
"My favorite part of this project was seeing our whole school bond together to make cranes." Tim V., seventh grade.

Students also made soup bowls of clay.

Jen C. and Erica R., members of the Onekama Leo Club hang cranes before the dinner.

Chef Tim from the Portage Pointe Inn helps the National Honor Society serve soup to Anna B. and her mother.

Brandon M. and Ben L. sell tickets at the door for the National Honor Society. This year the proceeds will benefit Manistee Workcamps. NOTE: The NHS was able to raise over $700!

The Leo Club and Miss Scheppelmann don kimonos to sell cranes. If they can sell 1,000 cranes, our school will become a member of the 1000 Crane Club, an organization dedicated to peace efforts around the world.
NOTE: The group raised $80 selling Cranes.
Japanese teabowls made by students fill the International Cafe......."Where's the one I made?"

March 2002