Governor Engler & Onekama teacher, Ann Kullenberg, at a Press Conference

Monday, March 12, 2001, Ann Kullenberg represented teachers from all over Michigan in Lansing at the Technology Training Initiative press conference. We are so proud!

Ann has been using NETg in her math classes at Onekama School for several years. The Governor is planning to use this type of technology to train teachers and business employees all over Michigan.

Governor Engler announced that the Information Technology Training Initiative will give free access to more than 700 Internet based courses to students, faculty and staff at K-12 schools and universities. The program is intended to give Michigan workers the kinds of skills that high tech employers need.

Ann used NETg in her computer programming classes, last year and this year. She says the credit for the students who passed their certification should go to the students and to Mary Jo Zadow, Onekama's Business Education teacher. Miss Zadow is using NETg training in her Microsoft Office classes.

Adam Hudson passed his MOUS (Microsoft Office Users Specialist) test in Word and Powerpoint; Ben LaDuke passed in Word and Powerpoint; Justin Berklund passed in Word. Bruce Peabody, Onekama's Technology director, also uses NETg tutorials with the students on his Tech Squad. Some are working in Novell Network Adminstration.

Ann explained that NETg allows students to do work at their own pace. Already, three students have been certified through NETg.

In addition, teachers can use NETg courses for professional development.