Friday, September 27th, 2013

Dear Kindergarten Parents,

          It has been another busy, but fun week in our class! In addition to all of our classroom activities we completed our first NWEA test on the computers. Kindergarten students will complete a language arts test and a math test two more times this year.

We continued working on and practicing classroom rules and expectations this week.     We all promised to follow our rules or face the consequences. We used finger prints to stamp a class friendship tree to put up on our rules board.

During shared reading on Monday and Tuesday we read the book The Seasonís of Arnoldís Apple Tree by Gail Gibbons. We discussed the four seasons. We made a poster of the four different ways an apple tree looks throughout the year.

          Our letter of focus this week has been Aa. We did many apple activities and we made a letter Aa book.

          The letters we learned to write this week are Gg and Qq. When we learn to write letters for the first time we practice in the air, in sand, on friendsí backs, with playdough, and then on paper in our journals.

          During math we continue to practice counting by ones to 100 and backwards from 20 to 0. We have finished learning to write the numbers 0-10. This week we made a number book. We are also practicing counting objects to match a number card.

          Thank-you so much for all the donations from my wish list! I really appreciate the help. I have thought of a couple more things I will need. I need newspapers, magazines and catalogues. I am also in need of about 30-60 clothespins.

          Every Friday in our cafeteria they offer slushies and ice cream for $1.00. If your child would like to take part in this on Fridayís please be sure they have money to purchase the item of their choice. You can also have it charged to their lunch account if you write a note to our kitchen staff granting your child permission.

          Our Homecoming game is Friday, October 11th. A letter came home to you today informing you of our parade and tailgate party. If you and your child will be joining us for the parade please return the bottom portion of the letter so we can get an idea of how many balloons and hotdogs we will need.

          A book order came home to you today. If you would like to order please send a check made out to Scholastic with the order form filled out for the books you want. This order is due next week Friday, Oct. 4th.

          I would like to put together a class list with phone numbers so you can set up play dates. If you do not want your phone number handed out to our classmates please let me know by next week Friday.

          Have a nice weekend!


 Ms. Lyman

(231) 889-5521 x438


          Questions to ask your child this week are the following:

1)     Can you tell me the sound that Aa makes?

2)    Can you count by 1ís up to 40?

3)    Can you describe what an apple tree looks like during each season?


Mrs. Lyman's Class for 2013-2014