Friday, September 13th, 2013


Dear Kindergarten Parents,

Yay! We survived our second week! We have been working very hard on learning classroom rules, routines, and procedures. We have also been playing games to get to know one another. During shared reading this week we read The Wheels on the Bus. We sang the song, acted it out, and made a school bus picture.

            This letter came home to you in a Friday folder. These folders will come home to you most every Friday with my newsletter, your child’s work, and any other important notes. Please return empty folders as well as any completed forms/special notes to me every Monday.

            Some of you signed up to volunteer at our Kindergarten orientation. If you have not signed up but would like to volunteer please send me a note with your name, phone number, and availability. I will plan to have a volunteer schedule ready to implement in October. One of our kindergarten goals is to learn independence so all volunteers will work in the hall with 1-4 students to practice math and reading skills. Many of you have given me your e-mail address. If you have one and have not given yours to me please do so as soon as possible. This is the fastest/easiest way to communicate during the day.

            Please remember to help reinforce your child’s self care skills. Be sure your child is able to zip and button after the bathroom. Also, it is not too early to begin practicing with winter gear. I would prefer that your child be able to dress themselves for the weather with little to no help.

            I plan to assign homework Monday through Thursday beginning in October. Your child will need a 2-pocket folder.

            I allow water bottles in our classroom. If your child would like to drink water throughout the day they can bring a spill-proof bottle to keep at their table or cubby. We will have 1 snack per day. Please provide your child with a healthy snack each day.

            I will need certain supplies depending on the themes we are working on. I will try to send home a monthly wish list for those of you who are willing to donate items to use during our units of study. My goal is to send my first wish list next week.

            Thank-you for your patience and support during the transition to decrease our class size. On Monday we will begin working in our new smaller classes. For those of you who are moving to a new classroom I would like you to know that it has been wonderful meeting all of you and getting to know your child. I wish you and your child well as you begin your time with Mr. K. Please continue to provide your child some extra support and give them lots of praise as it is needed to help them understand the ins and outs of the classrooms.

            Be sure to check out our webpage (address listed at the bottom of page) periodically throughout the year to see pictures of all the fun we are having!          


Ms. Lyman

(231) 889-5521 x438


            Questions to ask your child this week are the following:

1)     Can you tell me the names of 1-3 friends you have met?

2)     Can you count by 1’s up to 20?

3)     Can you tell me the three rules to follow in your classroom and in all areas of the school?


Mrs. Lyman's Class for 2013-2014