Friday, October 18th, 2013


Dear Kindergarten Families,

          This week during shared reading we listened to the story The falling Leaves and the Scarecrow. We made a scarecrow colors book to read, put a scarecrow sentence together, completed an Ss tongue twister and book, and learned 2 scarecrow poems.

          In math this week we started a unit about shapes. We reviewed the basic shapes (square, circle, triangle, rectangle) and we learned our new pattern block shapes (fat rhombus, skinny rhombus, trapezoid, hexagon). We made a scarecrow out of shapes, a book about shapes, and we played color/shape bingo.

          I would like to apologize for my delay in getting a volunteer schedule in place. I have to wait for background checks. If you need a background check form you can get one from me or the office. Thank-you for your patience. Hopefully, I can have a schedule in place in November.

          Our Halloween party will take place on Thursday, October 31st. The LeSarge family will be taking care of plates, napkins, juice, cups, and silverware. In addition to paper products I will need four food items. Healthy snacks are preferred. If you are willing to donate a snack please let me know. Our party will start at about 12:00. Anyone is welcome to attend.

          Our enrichment schedule has changed. A copy of the revised schedule came home to you today. We will now have gym at 8:05 on Thursday’s and Fridays. Please be sure your child is here by 8:00 especially on these two days so we can get to gym class on time.

          I am still in need of magazines, newspapers, or catalogues. If you have any you are willing to donate I would appreciate it!

          Our conferences are scheduled for next week Tuesday, October 22nd and Wednesday, October 23rd from 5:00-8:00. Wednesday is a half day for students. Dismissal time will be at 12:30. If you have not signed up for a conference please call our student services office at 889-5521.

          You received letters or sight words today depending on what your child needs to practice. Please cut them out and use them as flashcards during one or both of the reading homework nights.

          Have a good weekend!


Ms. Lyman 

(231) 889-5521 x438


          Questions to ask your child this week are the following:

1)     Can you tell me 3-5 words that begin with Ss?

2)    Can you tell me how we know a square is a square? A circle is a circle? A rectangle is a rectangle? A triangle is a triangle?

3)    Can you recite the I’m a little scarecrow poem?

Mrs. Lyman's Class for September & October 2013