Ms. Lymanís Classroom Discipline Plan

 1)    Our district as a whole uses the RTC Plan (Responsible Thinking Center).  We all work together to teach students respect and to be responsible for their actions.  The 3 rules they are expected to follow are 1) be safe, 2) be respectful, and 3) be responsible. The warnings that I give include the RTC questions.

1       What are you doing?

2       What are the rules?

3       What happens when you break the rules?

4       Is this what you want to happen?

5       What do you want to do now?

6       What will happen if you disrupt again?


2)    All children will receive two warnings for inappropriate behavior (behavior that interferes with the teacher or the learning).

3)    The third time they are behaving inappropriately they will be asked to get an RTC form and write their name at the top. During the next recess time I will have a conference with the student about how they can improve their behavior. When a discipline form is filled out it is considered a minor offense. If a student is written up three times for the same minor offense/behavior it is considered a major offense and they will spend time with Ms. Rife in the Responsible Thinking Center developing a behavior plan. Ms. Rife will call and explain the circumstances to parents. Any student who completes 3 or more behavior plans with Ms. Rife could lose their Portager Pride day, Good Behavior Ski Day and/or Good Behavior Field Day privileges.

4)    Hitting, pushing or kicking another student is considered a major offense and results in an immediate visit with Ms. Rife to discuss a behavior plan.

Our class as a whole is working on earning cubes for good behavior. When the cube jar is full our class will have a special snack or do a special activity to celebrate. If you are willing to bring in a special snack for celebration days

please let me know.

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