Mrs. Brown's Class Performs the Amazing Pencil Bounce

Yesterday our class did a pencil bounce. We had a yard stick and a pencil. First we collected the data about how high it bounced at different heights. Then we found the median at each height. We collected data and put in a bar graph. we learned that the higher you drop the pencil the higher it bounces.
~from Ajah and Jenna

Pencil Bouncing was fun. We put the pencil up higher and higher and every time we put it higher the pencil bounced higher. We had to collect data. We used a chart to put the data on it. When we were done the chart  looked like stairs. We needed a meter stick and a pencil. We had to predict before we bounced the pencil. We learned that when you put the pencil higher on the meter stick it bounces higher. 
~from Sky and Mason.

We learned about pencil bouncing. It was really fun! We learned that every time you drop the pencil it bounces higher . When we did it at 90 cm it went 36cm. After we were done we put the data on a bar graph. We really liked doing it . We hope we can do it again.
~from Sara and Adam

The pencil bounce is about collecting data from dropping the pencil at different heights. We found the median after dropping the pencil 3 times and circled it then put that number in the bar graph. One person was holding the ruler and dropping an unused pencil. The other person looked at the bottom to see how high the pencil bounced.  We learned that the higher you drop the pencil the higher it will bounce.
~from Kirstin and Elena

We learned that when you bounce the pencil it goes higher when you drop the pencil from a higher height.   First we collected data for each height and found the median and  then represented the data on a bar graph.  Bouncing pencils is fun and hard at the same time.
~from Lexi and Baylee

We gathered data from bouncing a pencil.  We bounced the pencil three times at different heights. We started at 10 cm, and bounced the pencil three times. We found the median height that the pencil bounced at each height. Then we collected median data on a bar graph The bar graph showed that each time we bounced at a different height the pencil bounced higher than the previous drop.  We learned as you bounce the pencil at higher height the pencil bounced higher.  ~from Hayden and Cyerah leads to all Pre-school through High School pages since 1997