Onekama Blue Does Great

This was a great weekend for Onekama Pop Warner, all three teams won, that hasn't happened before AND all three teams left their opponents with ZERO points, Onekama out scored their opponents by more than 80 points total!  We were in different locations, but lots of texts went back and forth to celebrate, the entire organization was excited and proud! ~Mrs. Falk

<--The sweet smell of victory!


October 6, 2012


Love that defensive touchdown-->

16  Caden J.
21  Matthew M.
 7   Lucas M.
43 Travis R.
15  Ian W.
 3   Ben J.
 8   Ben F.
31  Sam C.
26  Mateo B.
27  Collin G.

Photos on this page by
Sheila Falk
& Kris Mauntler

 1  John C.
 6  Kyle M.
 4  Jerry P.
 9  Anthony M.
 2  Aric H.
30  Henry H.
17  Blake J.
10  Johnny N.
14  Jake P.
29  Briten V.

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