Science Olympians 2013: Ready to Launch

Science Olympiad was so much fun! I loved it so much. Most of the games were pretty tricky like Color Wheel, Mystery Boxes, and Barge Building. I want to go to it in 4th grade, fifth grade and 6th grade! I loved the paper airplane one. Mine flew 22 feet and 6 inches.  Monster Match was tricky. ~Maegan, grade 3

Aaron and Caden are deep in thought

Chloe and Emma love to work on math

Onekama's 3rd-5th graders are hard at work getting ready for Science Olympiad 2013.  This year's competition will be held at Kennedy Elementary.

Three busy fifth grade girls

Good job, Michael!

Sara and Lexi both love math. That's
why they chose this event.

They know the need to study for the
math competition.

Four Onekama students won metals at Science Olympiad


<-Michael W.,3rd grade,
took 3re place
in the Balance


Maegan H., 3rd grade,
 took second place
in Mystery Box.->

<-Sara B., 4th grade,
took 3rd place
in Flora & Fauna



Alexia M., 4th grade,
took first place
in Color Wheel. ->


Photos by Mrs. Niederstadt, Mrs. Hrachavina & Mrs. Catanese

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