Onekama Elementary Recess Schedule
Lists times and adults on duty

AM Recess (8:45-9:00)

M:  Mr. Mauntler (2nd)
T:  Mr. Kudlack (Kdg)
W:  Ms. Lyman (1st)
TH: Mrs. Catanese (3rd)
F:  Mrs. Hagen

Mrs. Ware, Mrs. Adams and Mrs. Hrachovina (Thurs.) will be out also.
PM Recess Lower Elem. (1:30-1:45)

M:  Mr. Kudlack (Kdg)
T:  Mr. Mauntler (2nd)
W:  Mrs. Hagen
Th: Ms. Lyman (1st)
F:  Mrs. Hagen

Mrs. Exo and Mrs. Adams will also be out
PM Recess Upper Elem. (2:10-2:25)

M:  Mrs. Catanese (3rd)

T:  Mrs. Bennett (4th-5th)
W:  Mrs. Eichberger (4th)
Th: Mrs. Brown (5th)
F:  Mrs. Hagen

Mrs. Petrosky, Mrs. Ware  will also be out

Onekama Elementary 2012-2013