Onekama Elementary's
Fishing Tale Winners

March 18, 2013


By Landen T. - Kindergarten

I like to fish with my sister, Emily.  We catch sharks and electric eels off the ocean dock.  A whale jumped up and splashed us and a jellyfish swam under the whale.  Cool!


By Toni P. - First Grade

We took our boat to Bear Lake to fish.  It was a summer afternoon.  The sun was shining and it was hot.  My dad helped me put the worm on the hook.  I watched my bobber go under the water.  I gave my told a yank and started reeling it on.  I caught a little sunfish.  It was small so I let it go.  We caught three more fish.  They were cat fish.  It started getting dark and the fish stopped biting so we went swimming.  I had a great day with my dad.  We finished our day with an ice cream cone.


By Cheryl S. - Second Grade

It was a warm summer evening and my dad wanted to go salmon fishing in Lake Michigan.  So the whole family went with him.  Our first stop was E-Z Mart for a pizza and pop dinner in the boat.  Then to the boat launch in the park.  We headed out to the channel.

My sis and I drove the boat while my dad set the lines.  It wasn’t long and we had a bite.  We ended up with seven salmon by the time it got dark.  The cooler was full and it was time to go home.  My dad reeled in the lines and we felt raindrops.  My mom put a garbage bag on me and everybody else had sweatshirts on.  The rain came down like it does in the shower.  All the way back we were laughing very hard.  We were getting soaked.  When we got home we could wring the water out of our clothes, but we did have a good family fishing trip.



By Lillian M. - Third Grade

One chilly fall morning, my dad and I went fishing for salmon.  I got out some tuna fish, mayanaise, and some bread.  I made sandwiches while my dad hooked up the boat.  I put the sandwiches in a bag and set them in the truck.  Then we drove to the lake.  I stood on the dock while my dad launched the boat.  Suddenly something pulled me into the water. I attempted to swim back to shore, but it held me too tight.  Then my dad found me and pulled me out of the water.  I was soaked.  My dad tried to try me off a little, but it didn’t help much.  He handed me my life jacket.  I put it on.  We got in the boat and Dad started the motor.  I was a little scared of what was lurking in the water.  We made it to about the middle of the lake and dropped the anchor.  We got out a fishing pole, put bail on it and cast it out into the deep green water.  Suddenly something yanked my line and pulled me in the water.  My dad tried to grab my hand but just missed it.  Then he jumped in the water and grabbed me and threw me in the boat.  I got a big cut on my leg from the thing in the water.  Before Dad got in, he looked back in the water to see what had pulled me in the water.  He could not see it because the water was muddy green.  Was it the Loch Ness Monster?  We will never know….

By Shane K., Fourth Grade

When I went to Canfield Lake with my three brothers and my mom and dad, I put bait on the hook.  The bait was a purple plastic worm and to make the bait juicer.  I got done stringing the worm on.  I cast it into the deep blue waters waiting for the creatures of the water to BITE!  Then when I started to drift off into a daydream, my pole flew forward and I awoke.  Then I jerked the pole with great force, the fish did the same thing ripping me further into the water realizing he’s reeling me in instead of me reeling him in, but then I took a deep breath and knew that I had the strength to pull the giant fish in but the fish didn’t make it easy.  I kept on pulling until he got very tired out and I yanked with all my might to pull it in.  Splash went the fish out of the water.   Then he went jumping on the ? sticky ground.  “Wooooooooooheeeeeeeee!,” I said seeing the biggest fish I ever caught at the lake.  I’m like a real fisherman in that moment.  My brothers finally see me as a fisherman because I proved at that moment that I can catch as big fish as them.  I finally can say I caught the big one because it was twenty-two inches long and fifteen inches wide.  That’s one tale I won’t forget!


    (continued from the bottom of the right cell)

     Off we went following the purple and pink colored corals. Somewhere up in the distance I saw a dark shadow. As we got closer it got bigger. I started to get a little scared. As we moved closer and closer. I realized it was just a whale. Whales are very friendly. We said hi and moved on. Soon we made our way to water spout. Squirt and I had know idea. Then something came to me. If we couldn’t go through it. Than go around it. It will take longer but I’m sure we can do it. Only if we work together. And that we did. We swam as fast as we could around that water spout. Now all we had to do was follow the yellow and orange corals. Then we would be home sweet home.

    After we passed the water spout. Squirt soon spotted yellow and orange corals. It felt so great to know that you were almost home. Squirt and I spotted the cave we had passed. We decided that we would speed by the cave. It was I who spotted the colorful houses of coral town. I saw it at the same time as Squirt. This time we really did swim our fastest we ever had before.

    We made it to the town in no time. I was so happy. It was a great adventure. I will always remember that adventure.

   So thats my story. It is what really happened in my own words. It was an adventure I will never ever ever forget.

By Hanna H., Fifth Grade

Blue The Color of the Ocean

    This story is about the adventure my best Squirt and I Blue have. This adventure is so crazy and thrilling it could only be told in my own words.

    Squirt and I are best friends. We do everything together. I couldn’t imagine life in the ocean without Squirt. He knows what I’m feeling. He is always there when I need him.

     Squirt is a sea turtle. He is as green as the bright colored coral we see. He even has blue colored spots the color of the ocean on his back. Can you imagine that a sea turtle with blue colored spots. You have to see it to believe it. As for me I am the color of the ocean. That is where I got my name. My parents said you looked so much like the color of the water we had to call you Blue.

    Everyone said Squirt and I our unsepretable. It is true. We love to explore the sea. But our parents always warned us about going to The Deep part of the ocean. Big scary octopuses live there. Nobody goes there never ever ever.

     The biggest adventure started out one normal. Not one thing was out of order. Until Squirt wanted to go exploring in this new cave he found. He said it was sorta by the Deep part of the ocean. What if an octopus lived there I thought. Squirt could tell what I was thinking. There is only one way to find out said Squirt.  After that being said I yelled out the last one there is a rotten egg. We both swam as fast as we could. It was very hard trying to be the first one there when you have no clue where you are going.


Soon we got to the cave . It was big, dark, and scary. It didn’t look like anything was in there. But you never know. I was starting to second guess myself. What if there is a octopus living in the cave. Before I could think anything else. I heard a loud bang coming from the cave. I knew Squirt heard it too because in the next second I heard him yell, swim. I swam as fast as I ever had before. I didn’t even know where I was going i just swam. After a long time of swimming I thought it would be okay to stop and rest. Squirt had the same idea. I saw him stop behind me.

     After a while of resting I noticed that it was a lot darker than usual and a lot colder. I didn’t know what it was but I had a bad feeling about something. Then it hit me. We were in the DEEP end. It all made sense. We were so scared we didn’t know where we were going. What were we going to do. I asked Squirt but he did not know what to do either. We were trying to figure out what way we should go when a group of jellyfish were swimming by. I was super surprised. I thought nobody ever came to the DEEP end. I put that out of my mind and swam over to them. I asked them where we were at. Sure enough we were in the DEEP end. Squirt asked them how do  you get back to the shallow end in coral town. The first one named Fin said just follow the purple and pink corals. Then you will come to an underwater water spout. When you pass that just follow the yellow and orange colored coral. Then you will be home in no time. We said thanks and left. When we were swimming away Fin called out and said watch out for those big scary octopuses.

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