Portager Pride Day 2013: Fifth Grade + Edition

We had Portager Pride last Wednesday. It was very cool. We had four different stations. They were long jump, high jump, softball throw, and the 400m relay. I didn't have a favorite I liked them all. Wish we could do it again. ~Hanna H. Portager pride was really fun! For Portager pride we had a track meet. We did the long jump, hurdles, and the high jump. The high jump was my favorite thing and i found out that i am really good at hurdles. The track meet was the best Portager pride we have done. ~Chloe D.

    Portager pride was really fun. My favorite part of  portager pride was the high jump. there was a big mat and a big, medal pole over it. There was also relay races, long jump,and shot-put. For fun, we did hurdling. For the relays, I ran faster than I ever did before. That was one of the greatest days ever. ~Maggie M.


Last weekend we had Poragers Pride day it was so fun. We did different games, but the best part was the high jump. It was hot but the other day  was not a day because it was rainy so we last weekend we all had fun at the Paragers Pride day I hope we do it again this weekend. ~Griselda



Portager Pride was a blast. They had four stations set up. They were relay race, long jump, soft ball throw, and high jump. My favorite was jumping hurdles with Eleanor. I didn't do all of them but it was still fun. ~Kolin C.


Portager Pride Day was fun! We did hurdles, long jump, high jump, softball toss, and relay races. I loved it! ~Jackson G.

This week we had portager pride. we got to do different track activity's. i loved the long jump. Another thing we did was the relays. It was one of the hardest for me. We did more activities after we did these two. This was the best portager pride ever. ~Savannah


Portager Pride was very fun. We did the long jump, the high jump, a relay, and a softball toss. It was very fun I wish I could do it next year.. Lucas M.

Last Wednesday we had portager pride. It was fun. We had 4 different stations. Relay races, high jump, shock put, and long jump. ~Travis R.

At portager pride we got to do the long jump, high jump, relay races, and did something with a softball. I had a lot of fun. When we did the high jump I was trying to do the super man. When we did the softball part we could do the hurdles instead so I did the hurdles. I had a lot of fun. ~Ella A.


Portager Pride was Wednesday the 15th in May. For Portager Pride we had a small track meat. There was 4 stations high jump,long jump,sock put,and relay. Portager was so fun. I think if I had to pick my favorite station it would be high jump. Its getting close to the end of the year but i hope we have another Portager Pride! ~Kylie G.

Portager pride was fun. We did a lot  of stuff. My favorite part was the long jump. ~Justin Z.

At Portage Pride Day there was pole jump, long jump, track, and shot put. They were all very fun. ~Jared S.

May 15, 2013 we went up to the track for Portager Pride. We did 4 different events long jump, high jump (my favorite), shot put, and a 4 by 1 relay. It was fun and it made me realize I wanted to do track. It was so much fun, but to bad it was our last Portager Pride ever :(  ~Taylor B.


Portager pride was great. We did the long jump and it was awesome, but I got sand in my shoes. We did the 400 meter run. It was tiring. I had a great time at Portager pride ~Aaron


Portager pride was so much fun. We got to do long jump, high jump, relay races, hurdles, and shot put. My favorite one was the hurdles because Mrs. Brown show us how to do it and i never fell. I had a blast and I hope to be on Onekama's track team. Also thanks Mrs. N for putting it on. ~Colleen

For Portager Pride we had a Mini-Track-Meet. There was a relay race, softball throw, a high jump and a low jump. I didn't participate in a few things because I was talking to my friend Kolin and jumping hurdles. Hurdles are pretty fun and I'm quite good at it because my dad ran track and got a full scholarship for it. I had a lot of fun! ~Eleanor S.

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