Caterpillar to Butterfly

Mrs. Lyman bought a butterfly kit. We have caterpillars that will turn into butterflies. Here is a picture of the caterpillars. The students named them Bookworm and Billy Bob Joe.

<--Our caterpillars April 16

     Our caterpillars are good eaters.  They eat the food that came with the kit.  They are getting bigger every day.

<--Our caterpillars April 16


       Our caterpillar has formed a chrysallis. Drew  predicted the correct day it would happen It is snug inside the shelter it made.  Now we wait for it to become a butterfly.

<--Our caterpillars April 25



Below you can see what they looked like after they emerged from their chrysallis May 6th. They had changed a lot!

Our butterflies hatched today! Michael, Sarah, and Libby predicted they would hatch today. We took them out to the playground and released them both.

Bye Bookworm and Billy Bob Joe! :-)

May 6, 2013

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