Good-bye, Salmon

Onekama third graders said good-bye to the chinook salmon they had raised from eggs. The salmon will spend the next months in Bowen Creek before heading out to Lake Michigan. In a few years they will return to Bowen Creek to lay eggs and complete their life cycle.

At the Creek
by Mairin

On May 9, 2013 our third grade class went to Bowen Creek in Arcadia to release our Salmon. Everybody in our class got a decent amount of salmon. We got there at 12:30 and left at 2:30. I had 10 fish. Their names were Big Nate, Primrose, Bo Bo MoMo, FeFe, Flower, DoDo, Cherille, and Billy Bob Joe. The fish eat a special kind of fish food.

When a baby salmon is born it is called a Fry. A Fry has a big sack on its stomach. That is where it stores its food. The Salmon were fingerling when we released them. The salmon will grow to be adults, then spanning adults. I hope my salmon will grow big

Fish Release
by Maegan

On Thursday May 9, 2013 we let our little fishy friends go. We counted to five and let them go. I had nine fish in my baggy. We let them go at Bowen Creek. The fish ate a special mix of fish food. We had 216 Chinook Salmon. They live in cold water. At Bowen Creek we also saw a big pike. It was half dead and half alive. The fish were slimy and slippery. The fish had spots on them and as soon as they hit the water they camouflaged with the ground. It was hard to see them. I enjoyed the trip because we got to play with the fish.

The Salmon Release
by Tiegan

On May 9, 2013 the third grade class went to Bowen Creek in Arcadia and released our little fishy friends. Their names were Big Nate and I uhhh forgot the rest. I hope they all survive. Our class saw a salmon and it was speckled. Some of us got hurt and fell in the mud. They were Perla, Madison H., Ellery and Jaylin. I loved the project because we helped them grow up and salmon will keep having a life cycle.

The Beginning: Salmon eggs gathered


Salmon Release,
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Photos taken by
Deanna Osga &
Mrs. Catanese


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