Fifth Graders Visit Western Michigan's Old Engine Club

We had a forty-five minute drive from Onekama School to Western Michigan Old Engine Club, Scottville at Riverside Park. Our first field trip of the year. When we got there we got a question page. We split up in groups. Then we went to most of the stations and answered most of the questions. At noon we all ate lunch and listened to the electricians. Then we loaded up on the bus and headed toward Onekama School. That was my favorite field trip.   ~Travis

I went to Education Day in Scottville. We did lots of different things like old time laundry. My favorite thing was bee keeping. It was my favorite because I got to put on all the gear! Education Day was fun!


I went to Western Michigan Old Engine Club. We got to see a lot of old things. My favorite was the Black Smith. We got to carve things. We got to split wood with a sledge hammer. They show us NOT to touch a power line. We saw a lot of stuff. I had a good time at Western Michigan Old Engine Club.

We went to the Western Michigan old engine club. It was called Education Day. This Place is in Scottville  at riverside. I likes it there because it was about the early part of the 20th century and we got to learn about it. There were lot's of fun stuff like the sawmill, the black smith, and the spliting wood with a wedge and sledge hammer. got to use a cross saw. ~Cody

Education Day was so much fun! Thank you Western Michigan Old Engine Club! We got to do a lot of things like make apple cider, chop wood and
we got to watch people saw logs. I loved Education Day so much I hope I can go again!


On September 12 the 5th graders of Onekama went on a Field trip to the Western Michigan Old Engine Club. When we were there we learned a lot of new stuff. The people in my group were Mrs. Brown, Griselda, Ella, and Kolin. Saw a lot of stuff like an old cooking stove, a silo, and a sorghum press. In the end we did a raffle. I won one of the raffles and got a shirt. I had so much fun. I wish we could go again sometime.  

On our first field trip, we went to the Western Michigan Old Engine Club. At the club, we had questions on a piece of paper that we had to answer about each exhibit. One of my favorite exhibits was a hands-on one in which we had to pound a chisel into a piece of wood with a sledgehammer. At 12:00, we had lunch. After lunch, we checked out a few more things. At 1:30, we went back to school. That was my first 5th grade field trip. ~Jackson

My favorite part of the trip was the old phones. They were cool because you could call people on the phone. We also saw a sawmill the saw had a big blade on it. It sawed easily throw the piece of wood. We also got to drink apple juice it was really good. I hope i can go again. ~Caden J.

On Wednesday my class went to the Western
Michigan old Engine club Education day. In Scottville.  My favorite part was when we got to drink apple cider and got to split wood. There are a lot of different staytions. At the end we got on the bus and went home. ~Austin H.

 Our first field trip
of the year

We got to watch a sawmill cut logs. We also got to have a muffin. We watched apple juice being made, we even got to try some. We also got to cut a log with a saw. ~Kolin C.

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 We went to the Western Michigan Old Engine Club. I had fun with my group and being there to. I want to go back. I had fun chopping wood and counting wood. I liked the sorghum press I liked the taste of it. I want to go and have more fun then doing math, science and s.s. I pet the goats and they were soft and fat . ~Jared S.