Salvation Army Helpers: Onekama Fifth Grade Division

Today we went to salvation army from 8:45 to 2:10. First, when we got there we took our coats off and got our jobs. I had to break boxes apart. Then I started making bags, it was pretty easy. Next thing you knew it was lunch. I had two pieces of pizza from Little Cesars, and a juice box. By the time lunch was over we already had 332 bags. We worked so hard because at lunch Ms. Brown said we would not have math homework if we worked hard enough. At last we had 900 bags, then we got our picture taken by a huge Christmas tree. After, we boarded the bus and headed home. The trip was worth it, it was really fun. ~Travis R.

The Salvation Army was so munch fun. We did lots of work. 14 class mates and I went. First Mrs. Brown showed us how to stack the food nicely.  We had to put 1 can of green beans, 1 can of corn, 1 can of fruit, 1 can of soup, 1 Mac and Cheese box, 1 potato box, 1 box meal, 1 stuffing box, 1 Jiffy mix box, 1 Jello mix, 1 cereal box, and a handful of candy. We made 900 plus bags. It was hard work, but so fun! ~Alliyiah T.

When we want to the Salvation army. We want to pack food for people that can't afford to get there on food. We packed over nine-hundred plus bags. We were there for a long time. It was fun because we had to crush card board. We had to do hard work to pack the food. I was the one how was in the back were we were staking them at. There was a truck that cam and piked up some of the bags. It was fun there because we were helping out families that needed food for diner. ~Cody H.

Helping at the Salvation Army was lots of fun. We filled over nine hundred bags full of food. I did every job there was. I stacked Green Beans, Corn, Fruit, Soup, Macaroni and Cheese, Skillet dinners, Mash Potatoes, Muffins, Cereal and Jello. I was pretty tired after it. I fell asleep so fast that night. I was starving by the time we got to eat. Fifteen people got to go. They were Emma, Sydnee, Alli, Colleen, Hanna, Savannah, Maggie, Justin, Cody, Travis, Austin, Ian, Eleanor, Aaron and me. We were more than half way done by the time the truck got there. ~Kolin C.

I had so much fun at Salvation Army! We had to pack a lot of bags full of beans, corn, fruit, soup, mac and cheese, potatoes, stuffing, muffin mix, jello, three musketeers, and a cereal box. It was a lot of work. We didn't have a certain place to work at. There was a bag stacking spot, and other people would restock the food, there was also a cardboard spot, where you cut the cardboard boxes up. first we had reusable bags then we had paper bags. The paper bags ripped a lot. At the end we ended up making 900 plus. That's the most anyone has ever made in Mrs. Brown's classroom. I had a lot of fun at Salvation Army! ~Colleen M.

On December 11 some of my class went to Salvation Army. Only half of my class could go because only half of us could fit. First we took the bus to Salvation Army. Then we got off the bus and went inside. A lady greeted us at the door. She should us where to put our coats and talked about what our job was going to be. Our job was helping people that need Christmas dinner. o we were going to make bag fulls of food to the. There was a big table with food on it. After she was done we got to work. We all helped out. We worked and worked. Then we had pizza for lunch. Then we got back to work. At the end of the day we made 900 bags or more. I was really happy with what we did. We helped all those families who maybe other wise would not have Christmas dinner. I would do it all over again to help them. ~Hanna H.

Yesterday some of my class went to Salvation Army to stack food bags. We left at 8:30 and got there at about 9:00. We stacked the hole back room before  we ate lunch at 12:00. WE stacked 900+ that is 6 times as many as last year. I am glad I made a difference. ~Austin H.

Fourteen classmates and I went to the Salvation Army. We helped to provide X-Mas dinner for family's that couldn't afford  it. We put food in bags. For lunch we had pizza. Then a truck came by to get the food. Then we went to get our picture. ~Justin Z.

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Onekama Elementary 2012-2013

Today I went to Salvation Army. We had to bag food. It was fantastic. Are classmates put food in bags because we would give them to people who can't afford a dinner. people did different things like stock the shelf's cut the card board boxes or carry the bags. After we ate pizza we  continued to work. When we were done we had made over 900 bags. It was s fun and we all felt proud of each other.   ~Savannah