Onekama 4th Graders had a great day at White Pine Village

White Pine Village
by Coriena M.

I had so much fun at White Pine Village. My fvavorite house was the Farm House. I liked the Farm house because it looked so comfy to me. It smelled really good in there and I liked that they hung their stuff on the line and used a wash board to scrub their stuff. I liked that they would grow their own food. I hope to go back again.

White Pine Village
Sara B.

I had so much fun at White pine Village! My favorite part was the Court House and the Jail House because it was very cool and it was very big. Also because it looked nice. I hope I will go again.

White Pine Village
by Elena

My favorite building is the Gift Shop because I like spending things. My favorite group is my group because it had my dad and my friend. It was so fun. I hope I go again.


White Pine Village
by Ajah

I had an awesome time at White Pine Village. My favorite building was the Music Museum. I liked it because there was a lot of interesting things about the Scottville Clown Band.

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