These chicks were the first to leave the incubator.

The chick worked very hard to get out of my shell.

Today our chicks began to hatch! 

Mr. K. let us take turns looking into the incubator. we saw chicks peck their way our of their shells. Soon three chicks were transferred to the terrarium by Mr. K. A light kept them warm.  They had water and food. 

We worked on our chick hatching drawing. Our last picture will show the chicks walking around and eating their food.

It was an exciting day!

We would watch these chicks all day, but Mr. K.
says we need to work on our numbers too.

Looking through the incubator's window we
see another chick pecking its way out.

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May 7, 2013

Photos by Barb Eldridge,
School Webmaster

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