Buddy Reading Beach Party 2013
At the buddy reading beach party, I  flew a  kite and  it  fell in to  the water . I  borrowed  a friends  kite and    the  kite   string  ripped  and the kite fell  in  to  the water too. I had a hot dog. I had fun trying to  make  a  sandcastle. ~Richard T.
I had fun at Buddy Reading Beach Party because we got to kick a soccer ball and throw a football. I also liked going to see the softball games and baseball games. I didn't go down to the beach because it was too cold and I forgot to bring things to dig with. I loved the last year of Buddy reading Beach Party. ~Colleen M. Every year we go to Buddy Reading Beach Party. This year was know different. The fourth and fifth grade students walk down to EZ Mart. It was customer appreciation day. So they had free lunch. It was very good. Then we all walked down to the park. We all played games. I had a blast. ~Hanna H.
On Friday we had a fun day at buddy reading beach party. First we got our lunch. Then we got to go to the beach and mess around. ~Travis R.
  Buddy reading beach party was fun.  We went to EZ mart first. We had hot dogs, chips, and a small drink. I had a slushy. Then, we walked down to the beach. It was freezing cold down There. After a while, I got used to it. I found my mom there too, she was with her friend.  My mom wanted to leave early but I didn't want to.  Also, my brother got to meet his new teacher, Mr. K.  We ended up leaving early, Because we would get ice cream. Who would say no? I love going to buddy reading beach party. ~Maggie M.
Beach Party, page 2 Photos by Mrs. Bromley,
Mrs. Bennett & Mrs. Niederstadt
Onekama Elementary 2012-13