Traverse City
Beach Bums
Reading Contest


In March K-2 students were invited to participate in the Traverse City Beach Bums Reading Contest.  For those who participated they received their prizes this week.  Many students made a "home run." Those students won two free tickets to a Beach Bums baseball game, a free fountain pop, a poster and reading club bag. 

Sawyer and Cheryl, second grade, were taken separately because they were not in school during group photo.

Kindergarten (front): Jacob B., Matthew G., Braydon, Heather, Coda, Autumn and Glenora. (back): Jacob J., Jacob H., Ty, Kaleb, Nolan, Jack, Hunter and Landen.

First (front): Jesse, Noah, Landon, Ashlyn, Connor L., and Anya.
(back): Drew, Toni, Peyton, Connor T., Libby and Taryn.

Second (front): Mary, Ryan, Madison, Landen, Emily and Ethan.
(back: Ben, Alli, Adam, Carly and Travis.


Dear Parents,

Our school believes that children who are good readers and writers will be better, happier students and citizens.  I have made a commitment to do all that I can to ensure that all students will be good readers and writers.  Attached you should find a “Read Around the Bases” poster from Traverse City Beach Bums.  Beginning today until Monday, April 1st, your child can participate in Traverse City Beach Bums Reading Program.  For those unfamiliar with the program, this is their seventh year offering the reading program.  Your child can earn prizes such as a free autographed poster, free fountain drink and up to two ticket vouchers for a Beach Bum game.  If you and your child decide to participate in the program, then please complete the poster and return it to school by Tuesday, April 2nd.  Prizes and ticket vouchers will be delivered during the month of May. 

 If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at or (231) 889-9674 ext. 342.


Shantel Niederstadt
Title 1 Teacher