Onekama 4-H Kids Enjoyed the Manistee County Fair: page 1

Maggie's Goat

McKayla with her horse Sunny



Sophie demonstrates pig care to her friends



Brendan with 4 month old Mator



Megan and her lamb

Breanna & Bunny


Kayla and her horse



April's pig does not want to smile for the camera

Camera posing goat

April with Real Slim Shady

McKenzie with Designa Dillion

Mikayla's goats wonder where she went

Kolin with 4month old Otis

Alycia goat is
really, really friendly

John Michael and his
pig project

Marilyn & Ashley look at
the 4-H exhibits.

Kayla and her sheep

April and her Really Big Pig

Christina and her Pet Projects

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