My bird has teeth. My bird has stripes. My bird has claws. My bird has one black eye. My bird has a baby that is mini. It made a nest in the clouds. It lives in the clouds. It has eggs. Their are 119 eggs. One hatched. It is cute. It has NO teeth. It looks like an Easter egg.  ~by Lillian
My wild thing is half horse and lion. The bodi and head is like a horse. The feet and the tale are like a lion. It is a lion. It has stripes. The stripes  are a patrn. It is big. It is friendly too.
~by Olivia
My wild thing has wings. My wild thing is like a bird. It is big. It is colorful. It is in the air. My wild thing is hairy. My wild thing has feathers. My wild thing has spiks. My wild thing has a beak. He has pink on him it has lots of green. it has purpol. It lives on a monton. It has orange on it.  ~Breanna
Where the Wild
Things Are

My wild thing eats roses, has a baby named teatry. He lives in Monster land. He is a vampier that eats people. He eats grass. He eats rock bands. He breathes fire he is fat. he has six legs, he has wings, his favorite color is blue and ornge. He eats plants. he has colorfull scails, he is furry.
~by Maddie

My wild thing has sharp teeth and it has claws and it is big. It is hairy. It has a beak. It has 12 eyes. It has scine legs. It has fat arms. It has a big bele. It is mad. The sun is seding. It eats meat. It is colorfull. It laid egg. The eggs are red. ~by Sophie My wild thing is mad. My wild thing is in the night. My wild thing is a cat. My wild thing eats pizza. My wild things name is puss. I like my wild thing. I like wild things.
~by Hogan
My wild thing is very kareful. My wild thing has gekhar. My wild thing has tares. My wild thing has blue hide. My wild thing has green feet. My wild thing has a bek.
~by Jaylin
My wild animal is big. Her name is Purpelesh. She is round. My wild animas has one eye. My animals has no nose. My animal is pure and red and she has two hands and she has lost a big tail and she has big tene. 
~by Perla
This wild thing eats tee. And it has siks on his back. And it looks like a dinsore. And it steps on the trees. And it is diferent colors.
~by Evan
This is my Wild thing. It's name is tothless. He's biger than a refrigerarater but smaller than a really big refrigerater. He looks cute but is actually quite tarifing. He wanders around the jungle looking for food with his wife and kids hoping to find any kind of food. And that's my wild thing.
~by Mairin
My wild things background is camping. She likes camping. My wild thing is colorful. My wild thing is big. My wild thing is a nice monster. Her  name is Maegan as in my name. My wild thing is part bear and bee and rainbow. My wild thing loves the color blue and pink. My wild thing has big eyes. My wild thing is scared of the dark.
She is very very big.
~by Maegan
My wild thing is big and it has big yellow eyes and a hairy chest and a beak and is fat and is large and has big horns and claws and wings and hair and duck feet and it has sharp claws. it lives in tenasee and it is very big. And there are very big trees and there is grass and lots of tails and it has fins and it has feathers and it has ears like dog and cat ears.
~by Reaghan
My monster is a snake. My monster likes to eat bugs. My monster likes to drink water. My monster is a girl. My monster is deadly. My monster is fun. My monster is my friend. My monster is good. My monster is helpy and smart at math. My monster lives in the foriste. My monster is rily playful. My monsters name is Shelly. My monster is my good friend so vary vary much.
~by Abby
He has two heads. He has four arms. My monster's name is Ellis. He has no fur. He live's in the hills. He has four legs. It is vary hot. He has six eyes.
~by Tytan
My monsters name is buttercup. Buttercup has planted a tree. Buttercup has three eyeballs. buttercup has baby teeth. My buttercup lives with chipmunks. She is sweet. She has different colors. She is a baby. ~by Teigan

His name is Camo. and Camo has strong teeth. he has horns. he lives in the farist. he jumps hi to get his pra. he is 18 years old. He has long clas. He is brown and green and black. His cave is vary big!!! ~by Ethan

M wild things name is Wing. he is a berd and that's why his name is wing. he is colorful. he livs on a beche he fishes too for food. he can swim also. he can fly 1000 feet in the air. ~by Daniel

My wild thing eats fish. She likes the color pink. And she likes people. And her name is Art. She likes to do art. And she likes to eat. And she likes to write. And she has lost of friends. And she loves beeds an tring. ~by Ellery

My monster name is gizilke. He lives in dazr. He ate trees. He is fat to. He has a hat.
~by Hunter
It is a wild animal. I like my wild thing. It has little pesiss uround it. it name is Siss. He likes to eat a lut. He is purpl and pink. He lives in a jukol. ~by Maddy
My wild animal is big and rond and his name is Greehesh. My animal has three eyes. he has gray hare. my Animal has no tail and he has no legs.
~by Cadpice
These wild things were inspired by the book
Where the Wild Things Are. Encouraged by Art teacher Dana Woolman, students created their own wild thing sketches and large paintings.
Writings & drawings are NOT matched.

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