May 3, 2012 The 2012 Manistee County
Book Bowl, page 2
5th Grade
The Book Shredders

Blake, Ben J., Sylvia, katie, and Brendan

The Underdogs

Aric, Chloe, Ben A., Sam, and Jared

The Book Busters

The Book Busters team had Carson, Trent, James, Jarrett, and Kyle.

We had our book bowl competition May 3 at Kennedy Elementary. There were three teams from our school. Our team was the Book Shredders. I was the caption of the team. The people on the team were Brendan, Sylvia, Blake, Ben J., and me. The first match we played was against our home team the Book Busters. We tied 21 to 21. After that we won all of our games. While we were having lunch and recess they counted all of the points. The top 8 were up and we were first with 133 points. No other team broke 100. We were in the semi-finals then the finals. It was the Average Joe's from MCC. At first they were wining then we caught up and ended up winning first place! It felt spectacular. We all got a trophy. It was kind of like quiz bowl. ~Katie B.

Book Bowl was this Thursday. Our team was Book Shredders. My team mates were Katie, Ben J, Brendon, Blake, and me. We were against Carson, his team was the Book Busters, kind of like the Ghost Busters. We tied by the score of 21 to 21. Our team won every team we played! We had a lot of fun! ~Sylvia M.

Book Bowl page 1

Book Bowl was awesome! I was on the Underdogs team. My team mates were Aric, Ben A, Chloe, and Jared. Aric was our leader. Book bowl was pretty busy so I can't think of anything to say. ~Samantha B.

During book bowl there were 15 teams. The Book Busters team had Carson, Trent, James, Jarret, and Kyle. The book shredders had Katie, Ben J, Brendan, Sylvia, and Blake and the Underdogs had Aric, Jared, Sam, Ben A, and Chloe. The Onekama teams came in 1st, 4th, and 6th. ~James S.

Book Bowl was on May 3rd. My team was called the Book Shredders. My team was Katie, Brendan, Blake, Sylvia, and me. We got first place. The hardest team to beat was the Rockin Readers. We versed them in the final four. The score was 16-13. Recess was outside and 40 minutes long. I only got five minutes because I got lost in the school. I had lots of fun and I'm sure the other teams did too. ~Benjamin J.

Book Bowl was a lot of fun. the people on my team were Aric, Ben, Jarrett, And Sam. I got to answer questions I had fun. ~Chloe W. leads to all pages since 1997