American Document as performed by Onekama's 3rd-5th Grade Social Studies Students

On Wednesday the 4th, 5th, and 3rd grade classes put on a production. It was about all of the things we learned in Social Studies. I was the narrator. I was also the lead dancer in the greeting dance. I had to introduce all of the speakers. I also had to introduce the play and close it. In the play there were different sections. One was Declaration, another Occupation, and the last was Emancipation. The play went by fast! It was only 30 minutes long. I thought it was a lot of fun and I got a lot of compliments. I hope we have another one. ~Katie B. -5th Grade

The play was about us reenacting history. It was basically like a big storybook that goes on and on.  Sojourner Truth was the most memorable part because she was the bravest person I've heard of.  Another memorable part was the immigrant dance because it was touching. ~Emma N. -4th Grade

The program was about things we study and the people we study.  Like slaves, Presidents, civil rights, Declaration of Independence and more.  I thought it was great and a fun way to learn.  I thought the whole performance was inspiring.  My proudest moment was when I spoke the words of Emma Lazarus. I would love to do something like that again. ~Hanna H.-4th Grade

The project was about our country.  The most memorable characters were the ones who changed our land." ~Sam B. -5th Grade

On March 21, we had a production called American Document. I was Thomas Jefferson. I read the Declaration of Independence. My costume was complicated and had lots of parts. This was my first ever production. The production was very well put together. I had fun in it. ~Ben J., 5th Grade

The American Document Project was about America and the progress of how they created freedom. ~Blake S., 5th Grader

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All the people sat down. The lights flickered that met one minute tell the play started. First was the dance of Greeting. Then Thomas Pain came out and said "Freedom is hunted around the globe." Next was Thomas Jefferson saying the Declaration of Independence. Then I came up to the stand and read the words of Red Jacket. Then we finished the play with a song.  ~Kyle C. 5th Grade

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