March 10, 2011 Manistee County
Sixth Grade Quiz Bowl
Hosted by
Onekama School

1st Place

Bucket of Brains

Austin Sovereign,
Jarrod Berard,
Kelly Hall, Lauryn Johnson, Kiara Bromley,
Kyle Peterson

Coach Helen Johnson

2nd Place

Bear Lake Patriots

Back row:  Jared Sarinopoulos, Jonas Lamont
Front Row: Autumn DeRidder, Trevor Pargeon, Todd Merrill, and Quinn Lamont

Coach Amy Falk

3rd Place

Mrs. Marcy Huber's Wise Warriors  Manistee

Olivia Selbee, Thomas Schwartz, Devon Phillips, Kyle Schaubroeck, Megan Grant, Amy Sikon

Coaches Mrs. Spratto and Ms. Oden



Onekama School Hosts 5th & 6th Grade
Manistee County Quiz Bowl Competition

In a test of wit and quick reflexes, Manistee County schools faced off on March 8 and March 10 at Onekama Consolidated Schools for the annual Fifth and Sixth Grade Quiz Bowl competition.

First place for the fifth grade competition was awarded to “Demeuse’s Dominators” from Kennedy Elementary. First place in the sixth grade competition went to Onekama Elementary School’s team “Bucket of Brains.”

Manistee County Quiz Bowl has a long history. The first contest was held at Manistee Junior High in 1988. Preliminary events are held at each local school, and only one team from each school advances to the final event.

Students must correctly answer questions from all core curriculum subjects. Some changes have taken place in recent years on how students prepare for the competition. For many years, questions were taken from available trade books and written by coaches. Students were given study guides before the event, but teachers and coaches found that this could lead to a good deal of memorizing.

Now, questions for the Quiz Bowl competition are purchased from a company specializing in Quiz Bowls. They are not seen by any coach or moderator prior to the competition. Therefore, students must fully prepare for all subject matter that may appear in the competition

Fifth Grade Competition 2011
Onekama Sixth Grade Photos

7th Grade Competition Results & Photos

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